Back to the Mirror, chapter 93: A new world

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But Li Wen was very firm and said, “I’m not going back yet. I want to see what happens next.””Everything in the world has a time,” laughed the pile. “Maybe this is destiny. I know everyone’s destiny, no matter what, but I can’t see you, boy.At this time, just heard the sound of rumbling.The sound was not that of thunder.It came from deep underground.Pile according to the position of the sound, took out the angel sword in hand, on the ground position of everything.The hard marble floor was cut open like a cake, and the sound from above was the explosion of fire and arrows.Flying below the sound of explosion, but lying on a person, this person figure than ordinary people is a little fat, now lying on the ground, can not move, do not know what reason, it is not fat?Li asked the look excited, can not control the feelings, loudly called a way: “fat!”There was another man, caught between the cracks, when suddenly the cracks opened and rushed out. This man was none other than Wang Xianwen.Wang Xianwen is nervous and unable to speak, should see from this hole, a girl in blue clothes, head with a little sweat, is hard to use skills, you can see that her energy has been running out.Wang Xianwen also shouted: “Blue sister is also there.”As for why ice blue is lying here, we have no idea.Yes, they saw ice Blue and Fat Man.Li asked, losing control of herself, and jumped to the mouth of the cave.But George stopped him and said, “I’ll do it.”With that he sprang to his feet, sparkled with blue and white light around him, and flew into the hole.In the twinkling of an eye, George was beside the fat man.The halo of the body against the incoming rain arrows, crackling, like a lot of extremely heavy things falling from the car sound.George, unharmed, stood in front of him, motionless.When Wang Xianwen and Li saw that George was all right, they just sat there and watched what would happen next.Ice blue white face flowing sweat, hands stained with fine mud.The weak body can no longer resist the weakness rushing out of the body.Like willow leaves falling from the sky, they fell to the ground in front of them, making a slight noise.When Jack saw Binglan fall, he lunged and caught him tightly.Jack and everyone like leng leng looked at the front of the armor, he did not know that inside is his most familiar Jack, only feel how this strange stake can crack this very crisis.George remained where he was for a long time. The arrows had piled up to the height of half a man’s feet.The closed eyes in the helmet suddenly opened and glowed a strange blue.Then the sword in the hand makes a great arc, and finally comes to rest in the middle of the hand, after forming a ninety degree arc on the ground.From the body of the sword, all of a sudden, like a thousand little fireflies flying, rushed to each arrow, rushed from the front.Not only did he smash every arrow that came near him.And as if he had eyes, rushed at all the arrows that had just come out of the hole.There was a loud, intermittent roar coming from the grottoes, and the smoke of stones and the pungent smell rolling out of the grottoes again enveloped all those present.When the smoke cleared, they found that all the arrows had stopped firing, and the cave had returned to its original quiet appearance.The fat man was the first to say, “Oh, that’s wonderful.”Yes, the fat man had fainted, but he was now fully awake, and not only awake, but fully energised as he had been when the Hollow of the Void came in.Because just overdraw their own energy, so in the injection of new energy, so the ability to go a step forward, to the invisible two stars.The situation of ice blue and fat man is basically the same, the only difference is that ice blue in the last moment, suddenly appeared in front of everyone, not only has become very familiar with everyone, but also used up their own energy.After using oneself energy, discovery is not enough at all, used 9 Huadan actually, a kind of Dan medicine that overdraws human body energy.The potion is not a life-or-death one, and is known for its harmful effects on users.It is said that ordinary highly skilled martial artists can’t move for days after eating it.The average person who eats it may never get out of bed.And power is only in a certain period of time to restore to the state of the best when the attack, and ice blue in just under the urgency, even consecutive take two.Holding on so that the fat man’s body would not be destroyed, he fell like an empty tree.Ice blue actually just came to the island, has lost memory, inexplicable into the island master princess, just because he and the original look very similar.The king lost his daughter again, so that he lost his mind and mistook bing LAN for a daughter.He was hanging from a tree because the island’s owner wanted a son-in-law, and he wanted a brave man to save his life.As a result, after falling several times, I found myself back to the memory, and then asked to know that I threw Li Wen into prison, so I rushed over and came in a fierce battle, fortunately, everyone is ok.But now, it has become light as swallow, the blood on the body completely through again.Look at the ability of ice Blue already close to fusion ability.The ability to merge with the spirit of the universe, the person at this stage can freely allocate their energy and absorb the essence of the universe.The ability of Li Wen and Wang Xianwen also improved to different degrees, but the situation of Li Wen was slightly different. This is because Li Wen controlled the absorption of energy when he used energy in the early stage. He did not push out the energy with all his strength every time he used energy, but practiced concentrating energy in a certain position.This made li Wen’s work ten times more difficult than that of ordinary immortal practitioners.This is exactly the shape of a chicken in the skills in the book left by my mother. It is said in the book Biography of Korean Poetry that the five virtues of a chicken are summarized.Foot stroke distance, wu also;See the enemy dare to do, brave also;See food shout, righteousness also;Vigil does not lose time, letter also “.This is not the other reason why the chicken has the name of the bird of virtue, so the conduct of virtue is in the heart, and the heart of virtue is not afraid of everything.Therefore, after fully understanding the meaning of her mother’s book, Li Wen was diligent every day when she arrived here, never giving up like a chicken, and never slacked off a day.So his energy becomes invisible, like a man in a landscape painting.Wang Xianwen? Because of the sword of the angel for induction water is particularly strong, when I was in the treatment of drainage characters have different effect, and Wang Xianwen and lee asked people from the inside of the valley of too, ability is greatly restricted, but in the inside circuit, form their own energy and ability to nature is more powerful than it was at first.Wang Xianwen checked his ability with his own mind, and I’m afraid he was already in the invisible star.The pile received their own skills, Li Wen and fat man and others have stood together, everyone is very excited, forgot that George helped, until George said, we should go.’Thanks, George,’ said Li loudly, recovering from their excitement.George only nodded slightly at this point.Then he said, “Keep going.”There was only a flash of white light, and the stone door in front of it was wide open.