Beckham, 46, took Romeo on a $40 million yacht, and the two boys are a striking contrast

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Former England international David Beckham has won a plethora of accolades, including the Mr World Silver Ball award, Player of the Year, and founded a football club Miami International after retiring.The 46-year-old believes the greatest gifts and glory are in his family. He and Victoria Beckham have four adorable children, including their youngest daughter Harper, who has been dubbed a princess by Internet users.Only romeo Beckham, the second of his three sons, has inherited his love of sport, relaxing in the sun with him on a yacht.Dressed in a dark grey T-shirt and wearing a black baseball cap backwards, Beckham is pictured lounging on a sofa with the sun streaming down his face and the smell of his hormones being felt across the screen.If it weren’t for Romeo sitting next to him, this scene would not look like uncle.Wearing a black T-shirt and blue slacks, Romeo relaxed next to his father as he dyed his hair blonde, giving him the unruly look of a 19-year-old.Romeo’s blonde hairdo is a copy of his father’s, which David switched six months ago.At the time, Beckham looked tired, but Romeo, who looked lively, finally beat his dad once when it came to blonde hair.David took Romeo for a spin on his new yacht, reportedly worth £5million, which he picked out six months ago and has luxurious features and finishes.He named the boat Seven, his uniform number during his six years with Manchester United, and the name of his favourite young daughter, Harper Seven Beckham.Romeo is the most constant companion of David’s three sons and is currently a reserve player for his football team and often attends football training with his father.Although he is in love with his girlfriend and spends a lot of time with her, he is still able to balance love and family, as his model girlfriend Mia, who has also modeled for Victoria’s fashion line, is likely to please her future mother-in-law.It’s hard not to love having high emotional intelligence and good looks at such a young age.Brooklyn Beckham, on the other hand, is obsessed with love. After his engagement to Nicola, he moved into her house and regularly posted messages of love to her on social media.Net friends jokingly during his time in love, his career is still no direction and progress, but the local love words skill is to enhance a lot of.Once aspired to be a photographer, now 23 years old, not only did not finish school, the level of appearance has become decadent.He made a bowl of salmon and avocado rice for himself. The most technical part is cooking the rice with a rice cooker. All the other ingredients only need to be cut into pieces and put into a bowl.The process has been described by local media as “questionable cooking”.David gave all his enthusiasm to his fiancee Nicola, becoming the number one immersed love in the eyes of Internet users, while Romeo is a big boy full of sunshine, David’s eldest son and second son form a strong contrast.The British media often mocked David, saying that because he’s not athletic, he doesn’t work out with his dad like Romeo does, so he spends time with his girlfriend instead.Therefore, many British people have criticized the Beckham family’s parenting is not good, obviously have a celebrity couple, but the children are not able to make a difference.