Hu Zhongxiong: We attach great importance to rapid response and resolute response to prevent the spread of the epidemic

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On February 19, Hu Zhongxiong, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Municipal Party Committee, dispatched the epidemic prevention and control work in GUI ‘an, Guiyang via video.He stressed that to carry out general secretary xi on epidemic prevention and control work of the important instructions, in accordance with the party central committee and the State Council decision deployment, always adhere to the people’s supreme, the supremacy of life, compaction “four responsibilities”, to carry out the “four early” requirement, attach great importance to, rapid response, decisive disposal, in the shortest time, the fastest speed, the highest efficiency, the most stringent measures to cut off the spread of the virus chain,We will resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic and consolidate hard-won achievements in epidemic prevention and control.Ma Ningyu, Deputy Secretary of the CPC, Yang Guanghong, Director of the Provincial CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention, Tao Pingsheng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC, Liu Benli, TANG Xinglun, Sun Shaoxu, Wang Shen, Chen Gang, Liu LAN, LIANG Xianquan and Fu Tao, leaders of Guiyang and GUI ‘an New Area.At the meeting, Hu zhongxiong listened to a video report on the epidemic prevention and control work in GUI ‘an, Guiyang.He pointed out that the current epidemic prevention and control work concerns the health and safety of the people and the overall social stability and development of GUI ‘an, guiyang. It is not only a major livelihood issue, but also a major political issue.Guiyang your Ann departments at all levels to enhance the political stance, further tree on the bottom line thinking, strengthen the consciousness of risk and the difficulty to estimate more fully, consider the situation even more severe, the more careful arrangements, race against time, urgent, strictly to do a good job of disease prevention and control of various tightening, with extreme responsible work style and mental state to ensure that people’s lives and health,To ensure the overall security and stability of Guiyang GUI ‘an.Hu zhongxiong stressed that the key to the current epidemic prevention and control work is to respond quickly and decisively.It is necessary to strengthen unified leadership, strengthen the work responsibilities and organization of the command, coordinate resources from all sectors, share information, report information and respond to emergencies as soon as possible, and in no case delay fighter jets.It is necessary to carry out flow adjustment quickly, ensure that all contacts and sub-contacts are tracked in the shortest possible time, and complete comprehensive flow and personnel screening quickly.Strict quarantine and control should be exercised, and all those who have been found to be closely connected or sub-closely connected should be transferred to the quarantine point for centralized isolation and medical observation as soon as possible, so as to resolutely prevent the spread of contact risks.It is necessary to carry out accurate containment and control, adhere to accurate research and judgment and classified control, scientifically delimit containment areas and the scope of control personnel, strengthen the simultaneous prevention of “people, objects and environment”, and ensure that the work and control are in place.We should release information in an open, transparent and realistic manner, respond to people’s concerns in a timely manner, and make public opinion guidance more targeted and effective.Relevant departments at all levels of Guiyang GUI ‘an should take the initiative to take responsibility and cooperate closely, strengthen emergency duty, information reporting and other work to ensure efficient command and rapid response.Leaders of provincial CDC and municipal departments attended.Guiyang Daily Rong Media reporter | Editor: Leng Bing | Signed by: An Hui