KMT nomination team listed South Korea Yu Hou Youyi Lu Xiuyan, Hong Kong media: hope to copy the 2018 winning mode

2022-06-23 0 By

According to the end of nine union elections, 16 of the Chinese kuomintang, the “central election committee” list, the party chairman Eric chu ren convener, members of the new north mayor Hou Youyi, taichung mayor Lu Xiuyan, former kaohsiung mayor Han Guoyu, vice chairman huang ming-hui, summer sets, lien and the secretary-general Justin huang, is responsible for audit recommendations nominees and policy into the coattail work.According to the Analysis of Hong Kong China Review News, The combination of Han Yu, Hou Youyi and Lu Xiuyan again attracted the most attention, throughout Chu’s action may have three considerations, one is by bald, man and swallow again, a symbol of unity and hope to replicate the 2018 election pattern;Second, to make the nomination more convincing;The third is risk sharing.In 2018, the kuomintang (KMT) with JVG, the combination of man and the swallow, Han Guoyu, Hou Youyi and Lu Xiuyan three men into battle, the new north and taichung, kaohsiung in hindsight this combination is a choice, but by the time and space evolution, the Korean wave Han Guoyu has left kaohsiung mayor, is more half retire from politics, and the kuomintang (KMT), the nine union elections,What is lacking is a leader like South Korea in those days.Therefore, Chu used this nomination group to bring the three together again, even if the effect may be different from that time, but he also hopes to boost the morale of the KMT, create a momentum of unity, and hope to replicate the 2018 election model.Second is to make the whole nomination more persuasive, Eric chu after four “referendum”, taichung parliamentary by-election and Taipei wanhua “legislators” Lin Chang recall defeat, let originally is a weak President he more vulnerable, so in nine whole election complete nomination, more need strong endorsement, Han Guoyu, Hou Youyi and Lu Xiuyan join can reach this purpose.The risk-sharing part of the third consideration has a similar effect to the second one. If all the nominations are approved by the “Central Election Nomination Committee” and the delegates are decided by consensus rather than Chu alone, the risk of zhu being censured can be slightly dispersed if the election results are not satisfactory.As a whole, the KMT’s “central election committee” is the form more than substance, especially has stressed that municipal priority Hou Youyi and Lu Xiuyan, whether the actual participation in the nomination, or subtle distance and the central party committee, may want to make a question mark, but zhu will they incorporated into, and for most of the mass appeal and influence is still blue camp Han Guoyu,Chu can be seen trying to create a buzz for the KMT campaign.Separately, Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that, in preparation for the 9-in-1 election, the KUOMINTANG (KMT) announced the list of its central election nomination Committee yesterday, including Hou Youyi, Lu Xiuyan, Han Guoyu and other members.However, it is understood that Hou and Lu will not attend.It is understood that the list of county and city heads was personally consulted by Eric Chu, and Hou Youyi, although aware of the matter, did not explicitly reject it, but also did not promise to participate in the nomination committee.Taiwan media reporters yesterday called Hou Youyi, before press time Hou did not answer the phone and did not return a call.Lu did not answer calls or respond to messages last night, and her response was not immediately available.It is understood that Hou youyi does not participate in the “central election nomination committee”, in addition to the municipal priority, and if he is fighting for re-election, there may be a problem of interest avoidance.(Straits Herald)