“Liangjiang” manufacturing sector M5, product force MAX

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As we all know, for consumers who buy electric cars, their biggest worries are: suddenly can’t find the charging pile when using, after finding the distance is not appropriate, after charging the waiting time is too long, do not wait for their own rush to use the car and so on.It is for these reasons that many people do not have a good impression of electric vehicles. In order to solve the problems of users, Siris Automobile has come up with its own solution. Next, let’s experience the M5 through AITO.In view of the three common pain points of new energy vehicles, such as endurance, energy supplement and safety, AITO built the M5 based on The Pure electric drive range extension platform (DE-I), which effectively solves three underlying problems for users.Using the strongest range extender on the surface, the range extender provides heat for the air conditioner to heat the battery, which greatly reduces energy consumption. Under the condition of full charge and full oil, the WLTC operating range can exceed 1100 km, which is better than the vast majority of electric vehicles on the market at present.The 1.5T four-cylinder extender on the AITO M5 is a product independently developed by Sires. The extender uses Miller cycle technology and has a 15:1 high compression ratio, 41% thermal efficiency and 3.2kW·h/L power generation efficiency.It is reported that the range extender working mode is different from the fuel car engine, the traditional fuel car engine operating range from 0 to 6000 RPM, the average efficiency may not reach 30%, while The independently developed Range extender can maintain the efficiency, noise and other aspects of the optimal point.In order to ensure that the range extender has been in 41% of the ultra-high thermal efficiency;One liter of oil can be converted into 3.2 KWH of electricity, 20% higher than the industry, which can be said to have created a leading level in the field of range extension.And the actual landing of a product also needs a strong production capacity.Sylis liangjiang Smart factory in Chongqing can not only create high-quality products, but also guarantee the rapid delivery of M5 in AITO industry in the future.With industry standard 4.0 for the factory building, with “stamping, welding, painting, assembly and battery PACK” five process workshop, through more than 1000 robots work together to achieve a highly automated, key process automation 100%, 24 hours full-time on-line detection, effectively reduce the labor costs at the same time let the manufacturing accuracy, the product quality to achieve superior level.It is precisely based on the meticulous escort of first-class factories that AITO M5 can start the delivery of users in more than three months after the release. With the rapid progress of delivery, AITO M5 will enter more and more users’ lives and bring more intelligent travel experience to users.