Many places urgent notice: postpone return to school

2022-06-23 0 By

Recently, many colleges and universities in Sichuan, Jiangsu, Beijing, Henan and other places have postponed their return to school.Chengdu University of Arts and Sciences: The spring semester of 2022 will be postponed and students will return to school from March 12 to March 13 according to the principle of “staggered batch, staggered time and staggered peak”. Online teaching will be implemented in the whole school from February 28.Wuhan Polytechnic: Students will not return to school until February 26 to 27.Online teaching will start from Monday, February 28th, and the online course schedule is tentatively scheduled for two weeks (February 28th to March 13th).Tianfu College of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics: the staff was scheduled to start work on February 25th, but it has been tentatively postponed to March 11th.Originally scheduled for February 26 to 27, students will return to school to register on March 12 to 13.Earlier, many universities in Jiangsu, Beijing, Henan and other places also explicitly suspended the return to school, online classes.According to Hefei Online