The best example of classical literature: Shiji

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The best way to learn how to write an essay is to learn writing skills from traditional classical works.”Historical records” is a historical work, can let a person to master since ancient times as to the history of the han dynasty heyday, but it is also a literary texts, it is the style of art, shows the individual characters’ tragedy, drama, or offensive, as far as possible, do not lose the real atmosphere of history, there is also a literary, these biographies, more like repositories of drama, the drama.For example, we are familiar with “Hongmen Banquet”, which is a drama.Characters, events, the plot, are concentrated in just half a day, from liu bang early in the morning to go to the party, to leave the party secretly back to camp, the limited time, highlighted a number of historical figures: wit zhang liang, the confusion of xiang yu, hurried brave and kind words, XiangBo flustered, the latest silly leng, XiangBo eat an inside to pick outside, repeatedly the elastic.All in one occasion.From the point of view of literary creation, this is clearly a drama, sima Qian is the Shakespeare of the East.”Shiji” is more about a family, a character’s rough and bumpy experience, while sima Qian’s biographies are clearly novels.Originally, the record of historical figures was mainly about the events related to the historical process, but On this basis, Sima Qian still pays attention to the details that are not related to the past process, but can show the character.For example, When Chen Sheng was ploughing the land, he sighed, “How can a sparrow understand the ambitions of a swan?” This has nothing to do with the development of history, but it can reveal the characters’ personalities. Therefore, Sima Qian made a special remark.Another example is Li Guang’s frustration about his unsuccessful career, which has nothing to do with the Han Dynasty, but he can show the inner world of the characters as a clue of their course, so Sima Qian also vividly depicts it.Therefore, “Shiji” can be regarded as a literary model.