362 cat days

2022-06-24 0 By

Cuddle often, female cat.To meet it is the best arrangement given by God.Is also a kind of inexplicable fate.Last National Day, self-driving tour ~ Shangri-La.With its blue sky and unique Tibetan-style architecture, the beautiful Shangri-La is a place where there is no shortage of faith.Morning drinking butter tea, Tibetan characteristic snacks, browsing friends circle, saw a friend, picked up an “alien” Sphinx hairless cat, if not claimed to send to the animal rescue station.Just think about the fate of chang xiaomei if she was taken away by the cattery.I contacted my friend. Cat’s still here. Come and get it asap.We’ll make a deal. We’ll head back to town, a day’s trip.There you go. Hug a lot.Very thin, probably homeless for a few days, flesh-colored skin with patches of melanin.Cheetah-like body shape, two ear tip erect a few wisps of black hair, the original or a little girl, especially sticky, more gentle, very happy, tell a friend if the owner to find, as soon as possible contact me!Now Chang Bao Bao has been at home for half a year, and gets along very well with the two cats.The arrival of frequent hugs is an accident and a pleasant surprise.Having a cat gives me a sense of care and happiness.Every person, every animal, come to the world have each other’s mission, meet, cherish each other’s fate!