I left my family group for the Spring Festival. What do you think of family group?

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Clan groups, as the name suggests, are formed by one related person.This group is mainly used for communication, we have anything to say in the group, everyone knows.In the group can be gossiping, discussion issues express views, but should be discussed out of the real, not for anger and comparison.We have a family crowd, outdated festivals, everyone in the inside of the east a west a chat, you bless my greetings, you send a red envelope, I rob rob, its lively no less than everyone at the scene.A few days ago the Chinese New Year, everyone in the group make happy, I have no time to see the group because something, the results of the group inside are calling me: brother quick out hair big red envelopes!Two elder brother to give big red envelopes.I saw made a big red envelope than they made, so everyone went crazy to grab up, see everyone happy, my heart followed happy.The establishment of the family group is divided into size, we should speak according to the situation of the group in the group, not loose talk.The x family group, for example, is large and packs together all the local people they can relate to.This personnel is more miscellaneous, therefore, we have to take into account the old and young, can not speak to offend people, get a belly of gas.As for small groups, generally two or three generations of the scope, such as “love each other family” this group, is a big family, sometimes get together, group roar, at some time in the evening dinner, can come to sign up, this is the performance of a family, not polite words.In the family group, there are no three views of right and wrong, and it is not looking for a wife to find a partner to do business, there are what three views of said.Talk about three things, not at home, but in your work, career.As for you, he said, “If you enter, you leave the company.” And he perceived that you were a man going out.I think it’s very improper. Your behavior shows you in the following ways: First, you are too stingy and have no tolerance.There are a lot of people in this family group. You have your own people, your daughter-in-law, son-in-law and other people. You have ten fathers and ten sons, and you have nine genders.Can’t you just let it go?So, this is a very narrow-minded gesture.The other is your indifference to family love.The girls and boys in our group love to interact with their family and “correct” someone half-jokingly if they find their language incorrect.These are the expression of love to the family, you see some dirty words happen, you feel uncomfortable, so quit the group, this is the expression of indifference to the family.Third, you look down on the family, maybe you are good conditions, the family is relatively rich, so look down on the family.A tree is a thousand feet tall, and you must remember that.One should never forget one’s family, because these people are born from the same root, eat the same landscape and grow up.These are my views on the family group, there is a wrong place please correct.