Skypick linkage A-Soul show high-energy Asus SkyPick 3 game this, skyPick AIR release

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At 20:00 on February 11th, Asustek Skyselection 2022 new product release conference was held. The virtual idol group A-Soul combined with Asustek Skyselection brought wonderful performances. Asustek Skyselection 3 game book and SkySelection Air new product were officially released.At the press conference, a-Soul, A popular virtual idol group, became the brand ambassador of Chosun. Five sweet girls and Chosun Jal danced “Super Sensitive”, which aroused the audience.It is no accident that ASUstek Skymate has joined a-Soul, the most popular virtual idol group, which consists of five different virtual idols: AVA, BELLA, CAROL, DIANA and EILEEN.Asustek Sky Selection is a game computer targeted at the young generation OF Z. The original virtual spokesperson sky Selection can promote the resonance of products with young people, and provide users with better company and protection.In addition to the wonderful performances of A-Soul and Selena, Chen Lianyu, the product director of Asus Computer Games, also brought A detailed analysis of asus Selena’s new products.At the end of the show, there was A surprise Easter egg, in which Theranyme and a-Soul team members played Super Bunny Man, A fun interpretation of the game’s appearance level and performance online.Asus SkyChoice 3 game has two series: Core version and Dragon version. The Core version is configured with Intel 12 generation Core processor, and the Dragon version is configured with AMD 6000 series processor. Both of the two series are equipped with 140W high-power RTX 3060/3070 graphics card.Skyselect AIR brings 12 generations of core processor +RTX 30 series of optical graphics card performance combination, so that professional creation more smooth.Asus Skychoice 3 Game book and SkyChoice AIR also support “dual display three mode” video card switch, equipped with 2.5K 165Hz wide color gambit high-quality screen, the cooling system is fully evolved, no matter the game entertainment or professional creation can be fully satisfied.Skychoice 3 games this match 140W RTX3060 full power graphics card dual display three mode multi-scene application Skychoice 3 games this first listed asus SkyChoice 3 games this carry 14 core 20 threads of Intel 12 generation Core I7-12700H mobile processor and RTX3060.With skychoice TX BOOST, you can achieve automatic overclocking in enhanced mode.The game also comes with two 8GB 16GB DDR5 4800MHz ram and 512GB NVMe PCIe4.0 SSD.Asus Skyselect 3 Rayon edition is equipped with AMD Rayon 7 6800H processor and 140W full power RTX 3060, unlocking a new performance experience for players.The Air is equipped with Intel 12 generation Core-I7-12650H 10-core 16-thread mobile processor, which adopts Aleder Lake architecture.The Performance hybrid design with 6 Performance Core and 4 Efficient Core can fully accelerate the use of young creators.In terms of image performance, Skyselect AIR is also equipped with RTX 3060/3070, which has 105W high performance and meets the needs of professional image creation applications.Full support is “double three mode” video card to switch between two days to choose new product support asus is “double three mode” switch card, need more powerful GPU performance, can choose the output mode, showing a need for longer life scenarios can show the output mode selection, also can choose mixed mode automatic balance, three models meet the needs of more diverse application scenario.The performance of asus Skypick 3 game cannot be improved without the new upgraded glacier cooling system.Its internal has 84 blades, double dust fans, five heat pipes, four air outlet heat dissipation configuration, exclusive A-side trapezoidal cut can improve the air exchange efficiency, bring about 25% improvement in heat dissipation efficiency.Surface D adopts multi-channel air inlet to optimize the air channel, and the keyboard area of surface C adopts CoolingZone keyboard air inlet design, which can increase the internal air intake and reduce the surface temperature of the keyboard. Even with high load, hands are not heated by the hardware heat.Asus Skypick 3 Game book and SkyPick AIR are equipped with 2.5K 165Hz 100% DCI-P3 professional wide gamut all-in-one screen.The 165Hz refresh rate provides a smoother visual experience in high-frame games, and Adaptive Sync technology with screen support also prevents tearing.100% DCI-P3 professional wide gamut of full color can bring professional filmmaking level of exquisite picture.Chosen 3 series solely using DC dimming, no stroboscopic, use eye health more ferocious secondary yuan style Break the upgrade chosen three dimensional interaction game this asus chosen 3 this keep magic green, eclipse grey two kinds of color choice, volume reduced by 4.5% compared with the last generation products, made lighter in weight and is about 2.1 KG, the fuselage logo also has been polished,Divided into relief and laser engraving two, more characteristic.Fans’ favorite Table pets have also evolved. The new generation of table pets has a new trigger mechanism for holidays, which can enhance players’ sense of holiday atmosphere through many exclusive holiday costumes and cute actions.There are also a number of new interactive features that allow players to break through dimensional walls and play with Her.Asus Skyselect 2022 new product has made a comprehensive breakthrough and upgrade from performance configuration to appearance design. Whether it is game entertainment or professional creation, Skyselect new product can satisfy.At present, Asus Skychoice 3 and SkyChoice 3 Plus are being released on # jingdong Rubik’s Cube, and will officially go on sale at 22:00 on February 11th.At 0:00 on February 12th, air and Asus Skyselect 3 Dragon will be available for pre-order simultaneously.