“Smiling face flowers” warm the way back home

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China New Net Guangzhou on January 26On January 24th, G6349 train set off from Guangzhou South Railway Station to Meizhou West at 6:53.Conductor Song Ziwei patrol car, see no. 13 car seat 11C there is a little boy, immediately from the service box out a light green flowers, neatly tied to the seat arm of 11C.”We do this to remind our staff that there are priority travelers here and they should pay more attention.”Add by guangzhou railway group guangzhou passenger section bullet train a team of team cadres told reporters.Guangzhou passenger section introduced the “smiling face flower” key passenger identification and baggage identification cue card service Guangzhou passenger section provided the map Guangzhou passenger section bullet train 1 is responsible for the passenger service from Guangzhou south to Zhengzhou East, Wuhan, Meizhou west, Kunming and other directions, a total of 32 high-speed rail trains.In order to meet the requirements of high-speed rail service, the fleet refined service measures to provide passengers with a good ride experience.The stop time of high-speed trains is short, and it is common for some passengers to get off the train at will, forget or take the wrong luggage in a hurry, or miss the station due to mobility difficulties, due to lack of safety awareness or carelessness.The team put their ideas together to expand service projects, and launched the “Smiling face flower” service for key passenger identification and luggage identification cue cards. Each of 32 high-speed train classes was equipped with 20 small flowers made of fabric.Flowers like a smiling face, everybody nickname “smiling face”, color represents the key basic situation, the passenger on the green, pink, blue, yellow, corresponding to young children, pregnant women, the sick and the elderly passengers, in the passenger seat or different colours on the armrest is “smile”, remind staff pay close attention to, at any time there is a problem in a timely manner;Configure eight luggage identification cue cards.On the way of duty, when there are similar luggage in the luggage rack and the storage area of large luggage, the conductor will hang the reminder card of different colors in the eye-catching place of luggage to remind passengers at any time, so as to facilitate passengers’ identification and avoid taking or forgetting by mistake.”Little friend, be good and be careful of falling down.No running on the bus. Here’s your flower.If not obedient, the flower will be given to others.”In guangzhou south to meizhou west of the car, Song Ziwei quickly tied the “smiling face flower” on the armrest, looking at the “long” in his seat of the “smiling face flower”, the boy immediately became quiet.Carriage also has an old passenger, Song Ziwei takes a yellow “smiling face flower” to go to his side, explain this “smiling face flower” of use, the old man nodded repeatedly: “good!Good!Thank you for your thoughtfulness.””My father couldn’t move very well, so he was worried about missing the bus before he left.Unexpectedly, after getting on the train, the train staff made an appointment for us to be picked up at the terminal.When the train arrived, someone with a wheelchair was waiting on the platform.The service is really considerate and I am touched.”Ms. Huang, who accompanied her father to see a doctor by car, was very impressed with her driving experience.Mr. Zheng, who often travels between Guangzhou and Meizhou, once found his luggage wrong after getting off the bus.This time home for the Spring Festival, he took a big suitcase, a car found a lot of people, the heart is whispering.The conductor came over and put a red sign on the handle of his suitcase to reassure him.For this small move, Mr. Zheng repeatedly praised: “This method is good.Rail services are becoming more and more meticulous.””The use of ‘smiley face’ and ‘luggage Identification Cue cards’ with bold colors enables us to identify passengers in need of help, accurately know their location and particularity, such as whether the elderly need to be taken out of the station in a wheelchair, and provide targeted services according to the actual situation.This’ smiling face flower ‘is very popular with passengers and helps us to serve them well.Passengers are also responding well.Lu Xuying, the conductor of class 13 of the third group, told reporters that since this year, a group of bullet train was forwarded by 12306 praise work sheet 20.Into the Spring Festival transport, passenger flow increased significantly.While strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, BULLET Train No.1 is actively providing high-quality services to passengers.In the carriage, different colors of “smiling face flowers” also gradually increased, some “smiling face flowers” “long” on the back of the seat, some “smiling face flowers” “open” on the armrest of the seat, some in the children’s wrists “dance”.Standing in the carriage aisle, looking far and wide, the embellishment of the “smiling face flower”, makes people feel more warm.Passengers who have enjoyed the company of “smiling face flowers” will say thank you to the train staff when they get off the train. Some children will take photos with “smiling face flowers” before waving goodbye.Colorful “smiling face flowers” bloom in the high-speed train, like spring breeze warm everyone on the journey.