Sorry!An 80-year-old woman fell to her death hanging clothes on Xingfu Road, Suqian

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Suqian netizens broke the news: Around 11 o ‘clock on February 12, suqian Happiness Road, Soho Ginza, someone fell from the upstairs and died.According to onlookers, the victim was an 80-year-old woman who fell from the 11th floor to the platform while hanging clothes.Firefighters, ambulances and police all arrived at the scene.The details are subject to official information.Living in high-rise old residential areas must pay attention to the aging of anti-theft Windows for a long time is easy to rust must remind the elderly and children to be careful of high-rise clothes hanging hidden trouble in recent years, high-rise residents because of drying clothes and accidents occur from time to time, but did not cause everyone’s attention.The analysis of these accidents is nothing more than the following.First of all, there are safety risks in some balconies, the guardrail is lower, and the cement guardrail of the old community is cracked seriously, and it is not safe to rely on it.Second, the various accessories used to hang clothes are also a safety hazard.According to the relevant principles of physics, when a normal person leans out, the height of the fence should be safe above the waist.Many push-pull clothes racks, when the shelves are fully opened, people need to stand on tiptoe to get the outermost pole, so that the center of gravity of the drying people basically rely on the outside, accidentally there is a risk of falling off the building.Due to the long distance between left and right, and the lack of strong support in the middle part, people will unconsciously use their hands to help the pole in the drying process. If the pole and the whole drying rack can not bear the weight of human body, it is very likely to break, ultimately leading to accidents.Many citizens also discovered among them problem in decorating process, then air garment pole is installed to go up to the balcony, this is a method really, but below the circumstance that limits to use air garment pole only, there are many factitious convenience, a stool climbs directly, stand unsteady fall down likely.If fall in indoor pour ok, in case fall to the balcony outside, another tragedy.So, living in a tall building, how to ensure home safety?In interview, many resident that lives in tall building said his experience.A live in 13 floor aunt tells a reporter, oneself didn’t install window, balcony and his courage small, every time to dry clothes, will be of aluminium alloy window first, to ensure their own security and then standing on the chair up to bask in clothes, so, at most is also fell off the chair, but will not endanger the safety of life.Similarly, a resident who lives on the 10th floor or above said that he has formed a habit over the years, pushing things with clothes racks. He never stands on a chair or leans out of the window, so that he will certainly not fall, but the disadvantage is that he will be tired when pushing a quilt with a thin pole.The most popular is to install a lift hanger.When not in use, winch it up and stick it to the ceiling. When in use, put it down again, saving energy and not saying it is safe.