To Biden’s surprise, hundreds of lawmakers publicly changed their faces, and the phrase “cancel tariffs on China” was heard in the United States

2022-06-24 0 By

As we all know, during the Trump administration, the US took the initiative to launch a massive “trade war” against China, aiming to curb China’s economic development and maintain its own hegemony.However, as the “trade war” escalates and China takes a series of forceful countermeasures, the damage caused by the “trade war” to the US is gradually becoming apparent. Many American consumers bear the cost of additional tariffs, and a large number of American enterprises are suffering as well. The “trade war” in turn has hindered the us economic recovery.Also because of this, in this context, with politicians, asked Joe biden government scrapped tariffs on Chinese imports of unreasonable, to safeguard the interests of the American people, but biden in the current government under the background of “anti-china” forces abroad, seems to be some “riding a tiger”, and on whether the government can overcome biden public pressure to make decisive turn very concerned about.U.S. President Joe Biden told reporters at a news conference that the U.S. business community is pressuring the administration to lower tariffs on China, and that his trade representative is working to do so, according to local media.Later, a total of 141 bipartisan members of the House and Senate sent a letter to Dekey, asking him to lower tariffs on Chinese imports to protect the interests of American businesses.In the letter, MPS is generally believed that the current high tariffs imposed on China for America’s own damage is rather large, exacerbating the already serious supply chain risk, also seriously weaken the advantage of the enterprise, at the same time import commodity prices also make americans martyrdom, add greatly to people’s consumption burden, reduces the average standard of living.Although the United States announced exemptions from tariffs on some Chinese goods last year, lawmakers said the exemptions were too narrow.In addition, a number of influential chamber of Commerce in the US also jointly requested the US government to reduce tariffs on China to reduce the negative impact on the US agriculture and chip industry. Reducing tariffs on China has become a common demand of the US business community.Joe biden, the government may shift observers point out that biden to maintain the previous government imposing tariffs on China government policy is aimed to vote and to contain China, but for now, people’s demands are also difficult to ignore and remove tariffs and is of great benefit for America’s economic recovery, can effectively alleviate the supply chain risk facing the United States, etc.,Aware of the obstacles to a U.S. economic recovery, a shift by the Biden administration is also possible.It is the right thing for the US government to pay attention to the demands of its people, stop creating artificial barriers for China-Us economic and trade exchanges and do more to benefit the development of bilateral relations.Part of the news reference source: Guangzhou Daily