A south lake road cold xinyang citizens heart?

2022-06-25 0 By

Two years ago, a netizen from the county area went to xinyang Nanwan area to look at houses. After passing nanhu Road, he was completely disappointed: “It is not as good as the town!”Recently, Wukong saw the dilapidated houses on both sides of Nanhu Road, some of which had been torn down, and some of which were in the process of being torn down. However, there were still a few houses that showed no signs of being torn down, which seemed particularly unexpected.Listen to a passer-by said: “the image of this side has been relatively poor, the city to improve the living environment, just began to tear down the old broken houses on both sides of the road.I heard that the compensation standard is about 6,0001 ping. those who accepted the compensation have been torn down, and some residents want more than 10,0001 ping. seeing that there is no demolition now, it should be that we have not reached an agreement.”Whether this passer-by is a fact can not be verified, but the fact on both sides of the road is indeed some of the demolition, some are still in the normal operation.Demolition is the need of urban development and improvement of living environment;Refusal to open is an individual’s legitimate interest.Wukong thought that the west section of The New 11th Street had once gone around because of a “mound of earth”. It was a straight road, but it turned abruptly.Wukong thought of a house firmly stuck in the middle of the west road of World City III.Wukong also thinks of xinyang’s shantytowns for many years. After the houses of residents who actively responded to the policy were demolished for many years, the shantytowns became “rotten”.Some netizens think: “It is difficult to demolish the old city, and it is difficult to get rich by demolishing it.”Of course, the truth is not as netizens think, or maybe a little complicated, but the reality is that many shanty renovation “rotten end”.At present, xinyang citizens are full of expectations for “beautiful living” and full of confidence in the “vigorous” pace of urban construction.If the old houses on both sides of the South Lake road, if part of the demolition to stay part of the fragmented, but not as good as demolition.It will not only make the image of the city on both sides of Nanhu Road worse, but also scare off the investors originally interested in xinyang “organic renewal project”, but also chill the hearts of xinyang citizens!