Dongchuan District public Security Bureau mainly led to hongdi police station, Wulong police station condolence inspection work

2022-06-25 0 By

On February 4, Zhang Shuangping, deputy head of the district people’s government, party secretary and director of the District Public Security Bureau, and Yuan Heng, deputy secretary of the District Public Security Bureau Party Committee and political commissar visited the police on duty and auxiliary police during the Spring Festival at Hongdi police Station and Wulong police Station, and extended New Year’s greetings and festival wishes to everyone.Comrades Zhang Shuangping and Yuan Heng inspected the frozen roads on red soil, the guard of persuasion stations and the construction of the police station’s duty command room, inquired about the police station’s duty preparation, internal management, police situation reporting, investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes, and the control and control of key personnel.Comrade Zhang Shuangping called for a focus on the basic work of public security, in-depth investigation and resolution of disputes, and in-depth control of key personnel to ensure the continued stability of public security during the Winter Olympics.Second, we must pay close attention to road traffic safety, continuously strengthen the management of road traffic safety in severe weather, further strengthen emergency guard, strengthen traffic guidance and guarantee smooth traffic, actively cooperate with road administration and highway departments to do a good job of road clearance, and ensure the safety of people’s travel.Third, we must promptly respond to the police and properly handle all kinds of calls for help to ensure that the people have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.