Harford M6 PLUS: More space, more “sense of wisdom”!

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Haver M6 PLUS can be said to be a car with a hard competitor in the same level, because the car has a super high cost performance, eye-catching appearance design, strong power, simple interior without losing style, compared with the same level, it also has the advantages of large space, more intelligent configuration, the most important is “increase quantity without increasing price”!Who doesn’t love a car like this?Today xiaobian for everyone to actually consider this cost-effective god car — Harvard M6 PLUS, to see whether it is really so good!Driving feeling is driving the most care about driving!Comfort is the most important. If you don’t sit comfortably, you won’t be happy driving. Therefore, the most important test should start from the seat.The M6 PLUS has fabric seats with thicker padding, electric controls on the main driver’s side and side airbags.The rear seat is wide and flat, with a moderate backrest Angle, and its rear floor is flat, which adds a lot of points for ride comfort.Equipped with a multi-functional steering wheel made of leather materials, it supports up and down + front and rear four-way manual adjustment, and the front and back stretching distance is 3cm, and the up and down adjustable Angle is 6.5°, which can make the majority of drivers easily find a comfortable driving posture.The M6 PLUS is also very friendly for the rear passenger, with three independent headrests for the seat, all of which support height adjustment.The most heartwarming thing is that the function and comfort of the independent headrest of the middle seat are equal to that of the left and right headrest. This is a failure of many models, but it has become the strength of Harvard M6 PLUS!Many shining points are actually reflected in the details, because the car is such a behemoth, it is everywhere in the street, but it can win among many models, depends on the control of details.The whole car of Harvard M6 PLUS is equipped with two USB ports, which are located under the front center console and under the rear air conditioner air outlet.In this way, it is very convenient for people in the front and back to charge or connect some external devices. Among many models of the same class, only the USB interface of the front row is equipped and the back row is ignored, while the rear row passengers also have the demand for multimedia ports.In addition, The M6 PLUS is also equipped with 12V power supply interface in the front row, which is more convenient for charging by many people, and the use of some small electrical appliances, such as car vacuum cleaner, car refrigerator, etc.Another shining point of Haffer M6 PLUS is that its navigation system is based on GPS+ Beidou dual-mode positioning, with excellent stability and accuracy. Its positioning accuracy reaches 2m and speed measurement accuracy 0.1m/s.And support a variety of input methods, including pinyin and handwriting.When the driver enters the destination, the navigation system will provide a variety of routes by default. It can also choose route planning and avoid congested roads according to the driver’s needs and preferences, which is convenient and more intelligent.The most surprising part of this test is that the rear reversing radar of Harvard M6 PLUS begins to sense objects behind at 140cm, which gives the driver a lot of space for thinking.In addition, the nearest warning distance of Harvard M6 PLUS is 45cm, leaving a large safety value.In addition, the upper right corner of the reversing image interface will also display the distance between the current vehicle and the obstacle on the rear side synchronously. After the measurement by the small edition, it is found that the result is basically consistent with the real measurement, which can provide the actual obstacle indication for the driver.The first is the lowest: Harvard M6 PLUS has a good reputation for its excellent cost performance, and its performance in practicality is also noteworthy.Be based on it to be in configuration and store the performance of content respect very bright eye, add the price of it 719-92,900 yuan for, can be called the god of cost performance ratio.Not only that, now the car users can also enjoy three zhenxiang gift: 1, zhenxiang financial gift — minimum 0 down payment, 5 years of ultra-long loan, 24 interest free;2. Zhenxiang Smart Gift — Basic smart service is free for life, and premier service is free for 1 year;3, really sweet replacement ceremony – to high 4000 yuan replacement subsidy, this opportunity is not much ah, quickly grasp it!The event will run from March 24, 2022 to March 31, 2022