Heavy metal exceeds bid, destroy intestines and stomach to still cause cancer, the disorderly image of 315 exposure, how disgusting?

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Once again to the annual March 15, I believe that many enterprises in this day are very “not easy”.Unexpectedly, this year’s 315 party has not officially started, there have been “thunderbolt” enterprises.And this enterprise is closely related to many of us: Shuanghui!First of all, the reporter entered shuanghui’s production workshop as an applicant.But the hiring process was so unregulated that it lacked even a basic food industry physical.In this way, one production worker after another was recruited into the workshop, not knowing whether there were infectious diseases or not.In the distribution of work clothes, we refresh the three views again.None of the work sent is clean, and even a lot of it has turned yellow, black and stinky…The disinfection system that entered the workshop was also a sham: a pork chop fell to the ground by accident.Instead of washing it again, the pork chop went straight to the counter: When asked whether to wash it or not, the warehouse manager said, “Just don’t let me see it.”Towels are washed in muddy water, then used to wipe hands and then sausages.A towel can be used in a variety of occasions: if we don’t say that this is shuanghui workshop, just look at the series of operations inside, it really makes people think that this is a small workshop.But it’s shuanghui!As a domestic meat processing enterprise, there are so many food safety risks, really let people surprise!Speaking of this, I think of a very scary problem, now this kind of loss of safety and health bottom line of enterprises, and even some of the black food production enterprises than the above mentioned disgusting.But in sharp contrast, many people have no awareness of food safety.Even if they have such awareness, they do not know how to tell whether food is wrong or not.Even if they buy vegetables to do at home, there is no guarantee that the raw materials bought back have no problems.Here’s a list of some meats that you can’t eat!If you see it, don’t buy it, no matter how cheap it is!01 “hydrogen peroxide chicken feet” in February this year, Zhejiang Zhoushan consumer protection commission on ready-to-eat chicken feet carried out a comparative test.After the experiment, authorities issued a consumer warning: Do not buy chicken feet that are too white, because they may have been soaked in hydrogen peroxide!Why soak chicken feet in hydrogen peroxide?Because hydrogen peroxide has bactericidal and bleaching effects, ready-to-eat chicken feet themselves are more prone to deterioration and discoloration.At this time, some illegal businesses will use hydrogen peroxide soak, soaked after the shelf life of chicken feet will be extended, and it will look big and white.How to identify “hydrogen peroxide chicken feet” : First, the color of normal chicken feet is yellowish, can not be very white;Secondly, the normal chicken feet are dark brown after cooking, and the meat texture will also have color.As a result, normal chicken feet will have a bit of bendiness, while those soaked in hydrogen peroxide will be crunchy.Diesel Fish never thought fish could come back from the dead, but the secret is to add diesel fuel.Dead fish are usually bad for sales and no one buys them.That’s when some businesses came up with the idea of adding diesel fuel to dying fish ponds.When diesel is added, the air in the water gradually decreases, and the dying fish swim as hard as they can because they can’t breathe, so the fish look fresh.Diesel contains carcinogenic benzopyrene and a variety of heavy metals that are highly polluting. Once people eat this kind of fish, it will stimulate their intestines and stomach, and then appear chest tightness, vomiting and other symptoms, and it is difficult to recover in a short time.On January 9, 2020, Wenzhou Evening News reported such a news.Mr. Zhan, a wenzhou resident, bought a live fish and cooked it at home, but the whole family smelled of diesel.So Mr. Zhan went to ask the vendor whether he had added diesel fuel to the fish pond, but the vendor replied, “I’ll give you a fish guaranteed not to add diesel fuel.”But when the fish came home, it tasted like diesel.Interview scene, the reporter also smelled a very strong diesel smell.But when reporters reflect these problems to the relevant departments, the flow of vendors had already fled.How to spot a “diesel fish” : Always smell it when buying fish. Normal fish have a fishy smell, but never a faint diesel smell.03 “formaldehyde fish” first look at the video: many people may have encountered the same situation as the above, buy back the hairtail after frying, there is a roll of the situation: when cut open the belly of the hairtail, can also hear like cut jellyfish “creak” sound.In fact, this kind of fish is soaked in formaldehyde by black businessmen, used for preservation.After soaking in formaldehyde, the fish are sprayed with detergent to complete their appearance and brighten their color.But what the hell is formaldehyde?National secondary toxic substances, 35-40% of formaldehyde aqueous solution is we often say formalin.Formaldehyde is a common preservative in the industry, but when it is used in food for people to eat, it is downright blackhearted!Not only is it a serious threat to health, but it can also cause poisoning and even cancer!How to identify “formaldehyde fish” : normal fish elasticity is poor, after pressing with the finger, there will be marks, still can rub off the fish scales.But formaldehyde fish is not the same, not only good elasticity, meat is also very porcelain.More importantly, formaldehyde fish smell will have the pungent smell of formaldehyde, which is how to get rid of it.Zombie meat, as the name suggests, is meat that has been frozen too long.We usually see in supermarkets and vegetable markets, as long as it is a regular farm, after inspection and quarantine of regular slaughter of frozen meat, and meet the “-18℃ conditions” and “storage period of 10-12 months” is basically no problem.But fear is afraid to encounter that kind of frozen meat for a long time, in June 2015, Changsha Customs cracked a large smuggling frozen goods case.In the seized 800 tons of frozen beef, frozen chicken feet and other meat food, some frozen meat storage time was as high as 30 to 40 years!The meat, some from infected areas, some severely expired, some chemically processed to taste.Then it changed into wholesale markets, food stalls, restaurants and even regular supermarkets!In September 2016, guangdong Coast Police also seized a larger shipment of “zombie meat”, this time up to 1,000 tonnes.These meats include beef, tripe, chicken wings, small old chicken sides, beef tongue, chicken feet and other common frozen products.To make matters worse, the meat comes from countries such as the US and Thailand, where meat imports are banned, and also uses chemicals such as additives and bleach.How to spot zombie meat: At its simplest, don’t buy frozen meat.If you must buy, you can first look at the appearance of moldy black, or there is no rotten smell.Also, don’t buy frozen meat that’s far below market price.Zombie meat usually has no elasticity, and the broth turns cloudy when you put it in the pan.Finally, be sure to choose frozen meat marked with the origin, product name and manufacturer registration number, production batch number and other information.Dyeing shrimp, quite understandably, is to make the shrimp look better, using dyes and pigments to dye the shrimp.Earlier, a seafood market in Ningbo was found to be selling the shrimp.Carmine, a synthetic pigment, has long been banned from use in aquatic products and butcher products.But unluckily, there are always illegal businesses to cover up the fact that aquatic products and meat products have deteriorated, with this pigment to dye.How to spot stained shrimp: Rub a wet paper towel against the surface of a shrimp to check for discoloration.Be careful if you find shrimp that are too brightly colored;When you get home, you can soak the shrimp in warm water to see if the water has become cloudy or red. If it has, it is “dyed shrimp”!Pay attention to Dr. X