How do you buy a car that will capture your whole family?But TA!

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What does it look like to have a car that the whole family loves?Dad wants a better driving experience, mom wants a safer ride to protect children, wants a wider car space, and grandparents want a more comfortable ride…Is there a car that fits the needs of the whole family?The answer is TA!Beijing Hyundai CustU — 1 — Space is big enough and comfortable enough. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the bad experience of being forced to “stack people” because there aren’t enough seats in the car. It’s not comfortable, it’s not safe, it’s not in compliance with traffic laws.Family travel space is the first meaning, way using seven layout, first of all, from the number will be able to meet the “two”, “three” family travel demand, such as the long wheelbase 3055 mm and 4950 mm conductor, and provides a spacious interior space, the rear seat cushion length of more than 900 mm, to ensure that the seat of the leg support.With enough space, how to use is also very important, Kusi road never perfunctory any location of the family.Variable body space layout, not only easy access, but also convenient to take care of the elderly and children.- 2 – configuration and considerate smart enough to travel in the outside, the car is a mobile “home” to the destination in a few hours every configuration of it is related to our travel experience more rich, more worry for long, the journey was not significantly way backseat mute function, if open music or navigation and rear family in sleep, can be a button to turn off the rear speakers,Keep only the right volume in the front row;Back row call function, what is said in the front row will be broadcast through the third row speaker, communication more intimate.The small table in front of the two-row seats, the heating and ventilation functions of the seats, storage slots, charging interfaces and other seemingly trivial but closely related design, let you experience the modern humanistic care of Beijing from every detail.When the needs of the last two rows of passengers are met, the feeling of the first row of drivers should not be ignored. The freedom of gallop cannot be discounted, and the cost performance should be high. Custu adopts the CVVD continuous variable valve duration technology which is the first in the world.Can achieve a better balance between power and fuel consumption, truly “make the horse run, and let the horse eat less grass”.The most intelligent auxiliary configuration at the same level of 24 items, but also let Kustu incarnation of “intelligent defense system”, for the family travel safety to provide the most powerful guard.Better power, lower fuel consumption, more comfortable driving environment, more scientific and technological configuration let us have a better choice, not as exciting as action, quickly bring kustu home!