Shangyin students’ “Wonderful Music Journey” in Ningbo

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The 3-month “Music Ningbo” IP product achievement special exhibition will enter the end, the exhibition attracted the public to visit at the same time, but also happened a special music story: a student of Shanghai Conservatory of Music vocal music and Opera department who returned to Ningbo for winter vacation, with the help of the special exhibition organizers, will hold a personal concert.The young man named Zheng Haotian is from Cixi, Ningbo. His idea of holding a concert came from the special exhibition of IP product achievements of “Music Ningbo”. He saw many parents bringing their children to the exhibition site to play the piano, and their families took videos to fulfill their wish of holding a “personal concert” for their children.The exhibition staff was on hand to remind them that anyone can play the piano, if they can.Zheng haotian said: “THIS sentence moved me very much, this is the so-called ‘singing with the people’.I also heard about the achievements of ningbo to build a “music city”, among which the most impressive thing is that there are “public pianos” for music lovers to play in public places such as ningbo high-speed railway station and subway transfer station.The special music atmosphere in Ningbo inspired me to hold a solo concert.”Reporters learned that Zheng Haotian likes singing since childhood, there is a music dream.After graduating from junior high school, with the support of his family, he was admitted to the Art class of Li Huili Middle School and began to learn bel Canto singing.Zheng haotian said: “The music masters of ‘Music Ningbo Gang’ have a profound influence on my pursuit of music.My first performance at Shanghai Conservatory of Music was hanging Wusong, written by Ying Shangneng.””Music Ningbo” IP product results on the first reduction of the “Ningbo phono record factory” and the exhibition of more than 100 modern ningbo musician character life and part of the material material zheng Haotian obsessed.Zheng Haotian recalled that when she was young, she often heard stories about ningbo musicians from her elders, and she was also fascinated with collecting relevant materials about Ningbo musicians.He and his classmates visited the “Music Ningbo” IP product achievement special exhibition for many times, deeply felt that the history of music in Ningbo had been so brilliant.It is reported that the idea of Zheng Haotian holding individual concert got the support of Wang Xiehong, a well-known young piano teacher in Ningbo. At present, the two people have been practicing for the first time.”Wang Xiehong is not only my piano teacher in high school, but also my university alumnus. He is a Master of Arts in Piano Pedagogy from Shanghai Conservatory of Music.Our cooperation is very pleasant.She has already prepared songs such as “Flower is not Flower” and “All Over the River red.”Welcome more music lovers to join us.””Music Ningbo” IP product achievement special exhibition related person in charge said: “Zheng Haotian’s concert is of special significance, which is not only the young people with songs to pay tribute to the famous music in Ningbo, but also to arouse more philharmonic people to pay attention to and participate in the construction of ‘music Ningbo’.We look forward to having more people who love music come to enjoy music at the “Music Ningbo” IP product achievements exhibition located in Nantang Old Street.”Reporter Liao Huilan statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: