Tencent music chart annual inventory by your official launch!

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2021 has passed, but the good songs are still being sung.What are some of the songs that have made your singles cycle over the past year?As a witness of the Chinese music industry, Tencent Music List has made an annual inventory of Tencent music list from the dimension of data and quality, to check the quality of the songs in the past year.The most popular songs and albums of 2021 have been recorded on TME’s four major platforms and Weibo over the past year.Are your favorite songs on the list?Let’s find out.>>> Part I Overview review.<< Out of the Chinese songs released in 2021, how many songs “Break out” made it onto your list?How many chart-topping hits did you produce in 2021?Which singers won their first title this year?>>> Part 2 Songs & AMP;Album & lt;<< The most anticipated song of the year in 2021 will be song of the Year.What are the top 10 singer-songwriter songs of the year, top 10 MUSIC videos of the year, top 10 social songs of the year, and top 10 popular songs of the year?In the Chinese style, rap, rock, electronic songs of different genres, which songs stand out?Who are the top 10 albums and EP of the year?>>> Part 3 Singers <<<The list of 20 singers of the year is announced by the annual review, including the number of TOP20 songs, the number of songs in your list, the highest ranking of songs in the weekly list, and the highest score of new songs.In addition, who will be among the top 10 singer-songwriter of the Year, top 10 Newcomer of the year, top 10 Soaring Artist of the Year, and top 10 Groups of the year?>>> Part four: Music in many fields.<< The collision between music and works in different fields always arouses the spark of art.What are the most popular songs for film and television, animation, games and brand collaborations in 2021?Let’s find out.>>> Part 5 The Listener;<< To reveal the data of different user groups listening to music preferences, Tencent Music by you list annual inventory of one of the “highlight”.And now we reveal.Are there big differences between male and female listeners in 2021?What are the different preferences of listeners under 16, 16 to 18, 19 to 22, 23 to 30, 31 to 40 and over 40?What’s your song of the year?Who’s your singer of the Year?