AC Milan abandon themselves, give up the acquisition of a defender, fans bitterly criticized maldini!

2022-06-26 0 By

The winter window transfer process is progressing quietly in all five leagues, with no big signings so far and no real progress being made despite rumours linking big-name players with big clubs.Recently, AC Milan director Paolo Maldini also made controversial remarks in an interview.According to Gbagbo sports data:Maldini said regarding the club’s internal defence introduced have all stopped, they won’t introduce defender, maldini think their defence team strong enough, even without the introduction of the competitiveness of the players they have a lot, they say that a strong, athletic department has carried on the deep analysis, AC milan do not have any problem.Maldini is confident they have the squad they need to challenge for the scudetto, four points clear of inter at the top of serie A with a game in hand.At the moment their defence is not that strong and from an outsider’s point of view it can be seen that AC Milan need to bring in players.According to Gbagbo sports statistics, in addition to Kayal’s absence, another defender tomoli has an injury and his return is uncertain.The remaining three defenders are not strong either, with roma’s New Deal with AC Milan not going well.The rest of Kalulu and Gabia are not very reliable and of mediocre ability.AC Milan’s decision was also controversial, as fans felt maldini’s decision was bad for the team and they were complacent.They need a strong defender to bolster their squad, but the current management have no plans to bring in more players.According to Babo Sports data: many fans are very dissatisfied with milan’s choice, thinking it is a next step and very disappointed. Many minnan fans also said that they do not want to compete for the league championship, they have given up, and currently they only want to get the fourth place in the league.The fans believe that AC Milan are not motivated and have no desire to win the scudetto.Juventus have already started to prepare to pursue the Florence miodrag vlahovic, but AC milan did not action, I can see you, their plans for the next introduction and no enthusiasm, this kind of self-destructive behavior, also let many of the milan fans, in its true don’t know they are self to give up, or to have answers.