Harden went 2-for-11 with 4 points and 6 turnovers. Bad or bad?Are you wrong about Owen?

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On February 3, the Nets lost again, dropping them to sixth in the Eastern Conference.Harden was 2-of-11 from the field, with four points, eight rebounds, 12 assists and six turnovers.It’s worth noting that his 4.8 turnovers per game is the highest in the league this season, while his old Thunder teammate, now laker fans, has dropped to 4.1 turnovers per game, ranking fifth.What happened to Harden?What happened to the one-trick, all-you-can-eat fallback?Harden’s real rise came in the 16-17 season.Howard left Atlanta this season because of his incompatibility with Harden.Meanwhile, Paul is still playing with the Clippers.This year, the Rockets in the new coach d ‘Antoni under the leadership of a dramatic transformation.They began to play magic ball, and the team’s three-point attempts per game briefly surpassed those of the Warriors, the leaders of the three-point era.Did they have a brilliant season with their one core, James Harden?That season, Harden averaged 11 assists per game to win his first career assists title.At the same time, he was selected as the best team for the third time in his career.Since then, he won the scoring title for three consecutive seasons, unstoppable!Aside from his lack of dunks, he was an unquestionable all-around player, with step-back threes, near-basket floaters, and his signature half-turn step-back midrange…That’s my impression of James Harden back then.But now he seems to have thrown those things away, except for his masterful ground passing, which Capela says he has benefited from, as has Sharp.The decline in midrange attacks is natural, given that midrange shots are historically low across the league and in any given game, big data analysis has determined that the SHOT is an inefficient way to score (with the exception of a few people like derozanade), and everyone is starting to play from beyond the 3-point line.But harden’s step-back threes are hard to fathom. Why are they slipping so much? Is it because of the size of the call, so opponents are more willing to play hard and harden is not afraid?Interesting fact: Harden complained about the referee’s body hair in an interview: “You can’t touch people, or it’s a foul.”It was interesting to hear this from harden, who has averaged eight fouls per game in his career.Despite harden’s defensive complaints about refereeing, his offensive fouls aren’t that rare.He didn’t get too many calls at the start of the season, but as the season progressed, his free throws per game went up.So we can either blame the decline in fitness for Harden’s backstepping, which we all know he has suffered from several hamstring injuries, or we can blame Kyrie irving, who has given up hope for the Nets and started slumping in search of a trade and a championship.But in any case, today’s game, his play was way out of line.If Harden does leave the Nets, will the Internet be saying, “We’re wrong about Kyrie irving!”Who knows?Kyrie get back, Harden get back, durant get back.I think this is the real Nets that fans want to see…Long march always feeling, praise attention line!