Industry for the country, Yantai advanced manufacturing strong city

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Yantai: “We should learn from our ancestors to cultivate the feelings of the family and the country, promote the industrial heritage of the country, promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the new era, consolidate and strengthen the foundation of the real economy.”On February 24, the first session of the 18th People’s Congress of Yantai opened.Mayor Zheng Deyan proposed in the government work report, forge ahead in the new era, shaping new advantages, Yantai to do “industry to serve the country” model.Standing because of Hong Kong, strong because of work, living because of openness — Yantai is a city with industrial genes, is the birthplace of China’s modern national industry, generations of entrepreneurs hard work, created a complete categories, outstanding advantages of the manufacturing system.From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, China’s first industrial wine-making enterprise Changyu Wine Company, the first mechanical clock factory Yantai Baosi clock factory (the predecessor of Beiji Clock), the first marble lock factory Yantai Chengming lock factory and other national enterprises were born successively.In 1984, at the beginning of the reform and opening up, Yantai was included in the list of 14 coastal open cities. Changyu wine, Polaris watches, three-ring locks, rockpan soap, flywheel cans and other “made in Yantai” products were already famous in China.Nowadays, a large number of well-known enterprises with strong influence in the industry, high market share and leading technology level, such as Wanhua, Geri, Linglong, Zhaojin, Nanshan Aluminum and CIMC Raffleshi, have become the name cards of Yantai manufacturing industry.Industry is the foundation.Serving the country is the original aspiration and mission.The remention of “industry for the country” reflects yantai’s consistent emphasis on manufacturing.No matter the situation changes, Yantai has always maintained the strategic determination to build a strong city of advanced manufacturing.In 2021, Yantai launched the three-year Action Plan on Promoting the Construction of a Strong Manufacturing City, which has achieved initial results.In 2022, Yantai will continue to enhance industrial vitality and be the pioneer of advanced manufacturing.In-depth implementation of the “9 + N” manufacturing agglomeration developing project, develop core competitiveness increase five-year plan of action, and stronger 16 key industrial chain, to build the industrial chain in the park, to build industry vertical ecological system, by 2026, cultivating billions more than two level enterprise, more than 15 billions level enterprise, nine big revenue exceeding 1.3 trillion yuan.At the same time, we will promote the in-depth integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, carry out demonstration of service-oriented manufacturing, develop Marine, green, and supply chain finance in innovative ways, create a world “Design city”, and build a regional international exhibition city.In the next five years, a large number of good projects will be put into operation.The Yulong Island refining and chemical Integration project with a total investment of 149.3 billion yuan will reach full production. The Wanhua series projects with a total investment of 100 billion yuan will be put into operation one after another. The 10 million kilowatt nuclear power base, 5 million kilowatt offshore wind power base and 10 million ton LNG loading and unloading base will be built one after another.The Eastern Space Port, the high-end low-carbon new material industry base and the one-million-vehicle vehicle base on the south coast of the Yellow and Bohai Seas are booming, and Yantai is striding toward a strong city of advanced manufacturing.Source: Dazhong Daily