Is toothpaste used when brushing teeth “touch water”?After knowing the truth, I realized that I had been wrong

2022-06-26 0 By

Each person must have to do is to wash a face to brush your teeth before going out in the morning, but a lot of people like to sleep late in the morning, so can save the time of washing a face to brush your teeth, face and wash not clean, will appear black head, acne and other small flaws, actually tooth brush is not clean, also can appear many problems, the impact of these levels to our image and appearance is very big,So why do people brush their teeth carefully, teeth are still yellow and have bad breath?In fact, such a situation is because we ignore this small detail when brushing teeth, that is, when brushing teeth toothpaste with “water”?After knowing the truth, just understand the original brush before they were wrong, many people have different opinions for the details, but in fact this according to the composition of the toothpaste to decide, if is whitening efficacy class toothpaste, after touching water effective component is very easy to dilute, that would maximize to toothpaste is the best effect, the touch water use is not recommended.Without toothpaste with efficacy touch water use effect is not big, a lot of people like to touch water use, because nothing but can produce rich foam, more convenient we clean your teeth, actually we secreted in the oral cavity of water is enough to make toothpaste to produce rich bubble, no matter use what kind of toothpaste, also need to be aware of is the best control within three minutes brushing your teeth.In addition to these little details when brushing your teeth, toothpaste is a critical effect on our teeth clean, a good toothpaste can be twice the result with half the effort to clean teeth, and insist to use, can also gradually improve the ugly yellow teeth, small make up recently used this kind of baking soda toothpaste is very good, don’t hurt gum after use, clean ability is also very good.Real not: small make up before the problems of yellow teeth, and for a period of time really like to cleaning, but obviously feel after cleaning sensitive gums, teeth have become loose, so later began to fluctuate in toothpaste, choose appropriate to use toothpaste, finally found the baking soda toothpaste.To start with small make up is attracted by its appearance, because on the way as we usually use toothpaste is different, very novel design feeling, that is really quite surprise after use, when use will not produce a little stimulation to the gum, and insist on using sensitive gums after improved gradually, yellow teeth are also gradually improve.Its ingredients are very good, mainly made up of mild but good cleaning ability of food-grade baking soda, plus the addition of plant ingredients, the use of foam is also very rich, and the taste is very fresh, can gradually improve the smell in our mouth, after persistent use of oral environment can also be gradually improved.In addition, its content is also very durable, the price is also quite affordable, cost-effective can be said to be very high, if your gums are sensitive, and teeth look yellow ugly, might as well try this baking soda toothpaste, it is worth starting with oh.(light)