Juventus VS Turin Derby in Serie A, juve still boss Turin?

2022-06-26 0 By

Of all the important Italian Derby matches, the Turin Derby is probably the most unequal.Look at the two sides in recent years, Turin’s record is really miserable to the extreme!In the last 31 Turin derbies in Serie A, torino have won only one.Such a record hardly inspires confidence in the Torino players and fans, who have been missing a number of key players recently.The first was a broken nose in their central midfield playmaker Bobega.The milan youth midfielder has been one of the best midfielders in Serie A this season and has been linked with a buyout from Torino, but milan insist he is a key player for the future.His absence is a big loss for the Torino midfield.In addition, the last round of the Turin match was also the referee’s hole, just back captain Belotti was originally in the second of the game into the absolute level goal, the result was inexplicably black out by the referee!Turin coach Juric said after the game did not understand the decision, torino suffered in a row in this way, the blow to the players can be imagined.Coincidentally, juve’s last game was also tied in the second half, the difference being that their goal was not disallowed.Juve’s use of cash has paid off this winter, as Miriam Vlahovic is a plug-and-play player who has scored in the last few games and has already shown why he is the champion of the season.And this time, he might score again!His strike partner Dybala is going for his 50th serie A assist.The only other Argentines to have achieved that feat are former Atalanta captain Gomez and inter star Palacio, and dybala will be looking to keep up the pace.Juve’s winter shopping spree proved that their goal is far from champions League qualification and there is no reason for them to drop points in the Turin Derby if they want to go one step further.