NO.45 Meet | Reading Realization of “Sideline Thinking”

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My cousin Oman earned $20,000 a year from her side business. When all her laptops were replaced with Apple computers, I realized how backward I was. I was still using a popular HP model from 10 years ago.This book is mainly about expanding the thinking related to your side job.If you’re struggling for a paycheck right now and looking to expand your side business to make some extra money, this is a great primer.Of course, you can also read directly on wechat without buying.The author is an Internet sensation, a best-selling author, and a two-child mom who makes $1 million a month on her side business.And a career planner.Of course, as to whether the author is really particularly knowledgeable and so on, the author has no way of knowing, but feel that “weak water 3000, only take a gourd ladle to drink.”Anyway, as long as we can learn what we need from it, it’s just a pile of sand, and some people think it’s just sand.Others use it for “sand painting performances”.Like Tang xiaolu’s writing class, some people said, “At best, this is cheating…”.But even if it’s trash, it can be used, right?Of course, the key is to rely on their own efforts!✨ hard working cousin cousin in her early thirties, in a third-tier small city to do civil servants, around to take care of two children, brother-in-law is too busy, simply the family of a big booth things piled on the cousin a person.Once by chance, she saw a big V doing video sharing about parent-child series in the headlines. She felt that although she was big V, she did not have any experience in raising children, so she probably read several books and shared them.She wanted to leave a comment, but decided it was unnecessary and she would rather share it herself than make people unhappy.So, said dry dry, she also bought the same parent-child books, Baidu some “open book sharing” logic, began to write articles.At the beginning, I just shared some of my experiences with children. Although I didn’t read much, there were more and more fans. Later, I even wanted to write more and more, and gradually it became a necessary habit when TAKING care of children after work.The two children watched their mother work so hard, and then wrote a little composition.So, more than half a year down, the article skills more and more profound, see more and more people, fans from hundreds to thousands, immediately also want to rush ten thousand.At this time, some fans left a message hoping to listen to her video sharing, so not open the beauty of the family of three on the camera, because it is their own family fun, coupled with more than half a year of article logic training, can export into chapter, she began to fire…① There were also messages from people on other platforms for her to share. After this circle, her income also reached more than 20,000 yuan.② Now I also start to share videos regularly. Although it is not as strong as those “earning thousands of dollars a day from Posting headlines”, I gradually gain happiness and a lot of extra income.✨ some thoughts ① Cousin is an ordinary person, no author will marketing, but the real practice of sideline money power.Her own writing logic is also baidu some sharing, plus bought a few writing books, gradually accumulated.② Expanding sideline is important, but also can’t waste the main business, “slash youth” is under the premise of the steady development of the main business, but there is no lack of sideline money famous “Peng Xiao Six”, but after all, the number of black swans is not much!③ In addition, there are thousands of sideline: writing, video, Courier part-time, matchmaker……Need to find their own love for the most important.As I said, I always think about writing.Healing, catharsis, and even better, making a little extra money at the same time.✨ Time passes in a hurry, plain is true;Patience to let the wind and rain, keep the clouds to see the moon.If you love writing, do it!