Us TV shows tend to end badly, but Spartacus had a perfect ending

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What are the features of American TV series?At the beginning, the performance was a little slow, and at the end, many of the audience’s patience was exhausted.Yes, this is the common trend of many American TV series. The reason is that they shoot so many episodes that they often shoot for more than ten seasons. As a result, the writers themselves are a little bit unable to make it.And many US TV series are even filmed faster than the original, so the plot doesn’t hold up at the last minute.Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead…Wait, are all of these god-worthy American shows the same, with disappointing endings?Of course not, there are exceptions, such as we are very familiar with the generation of god drama “Spartacus”, it can be said that the excellent degree of its ending, in the American TV series, and even in the world, can be second to none, it not only complies with history, but also reasonable, full of meaning.Don’t believe it?Let’s discuss it together.The finale of the TV show Spartacus. It follows history, and Spartacus’s rebellion ends in defeat, which is consistent with history.Spartacus with the growing team, he tries to end of brin west port to Greece, it was also the decision, make the Roman senate attaches great importance to the up the “rabble”, and so can be said to be the best Roman force of the country, respectively from Spain and Thrace Pompey and road cruise troops deploy and come, all purpose is to reinforce crassus,The rebellion that destroyed Spartacus.In order to prevent Crassus from joining the other Roman reinforcements, Spartacus had to move his troops north and attack Crassus directly, thus leading to the final battle of season 3.At last, as you can see, in the fierce battle of southern Apulia, Scoss’s rebels, outnumbered, entered several dangerous situations and were finally defeated.In history, 60, 000 rebels, including Spartacus, died in battle, leaving about 5, 000 to flee to northern Italy, where Pompey’s army wiped them out.Nearly 6,000 prisoners were crucified on a cross from Rome to Capua. The Spartacus uprising failed, but their ideals of freedom and indomitable spirit inspire generations to come.On the failed uprising the main line, show no make eccentric changes, but the scenes of war is done very bitter, especially amare and crassus’s ultimate world war I, even if finally spear pierced body, still not completely down, and if not reinforcements arrived on time, has the upper hand in the middle of the one-to-one.The advantage of doing so is that it neither deviates from history, but also makes the image of Spartacus deep in the hearts of the audience, that kind of unique personality charm, also unforgettable.The war is tragic, Gannicus and Cress died in the same battle, but the death method also used a different way, but also more close to the characteristics of the characters, Cress died in the battlefield, Gannicus was nailed to the cross, but also unbristly smile, let a person regret at the same time, is the final “perfect” ending.It’s no surprise that each of the main characters ends up dying in a heroic way, but the way they die and the final scene are so hard to watch, which is why the show is so careful in detail and the most important reason for its godliness.Of course, scale is also a factor that cannot be ignored.What was most unexpected was that agron was the one who survived. Some people grumbled that agron should be allowed to live when several straight men of steel had died.What did the writers think?No guess. Honestly, whenever Americans are politically correct, he has to make a form of it. After all, he is not the most important character in the show.Yes, made no mention of spartacus has veins stay in history, but the artistic creation to inspiring, more let a person feel hope, so chose to let the duke lady with a little blood, this is a very good set, meaning free flame will never be extinguished, don’t give up the spirit of the continuance, it is also a must for writers add chicken leg.Someone says he’ll go to see the show, is because the actors have dedication, this is a very important reason, but if you have carefully look at play, you will find that the original blunt go to see a stunt, is wonderful, but if put aside these, also take the show serious finish see, this is the place where it cattle.Many American TV series can be called divine drama, but it is rare to find one that is perfect from beginning to end, but Spartacus can be counted as one. Both the plot and the scale are impeccable, and the ending is perfect, which both complies with history and satisfies the audience’s wishes!This kind of play, you can always blow, so please don’t say that some friends like this play is shallow, because you don’t seriously watch the play in.Original article/Gangster movie