Wang Shanshan, the MVP of the Women’s Asian Cup, loves fried potato shreds and Luoyang stewed noodles

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Doomed, sleepless last night.Chinese women’s football team returns to the top of Asia after 16 years!From 0∶2 to 3∶2, the women’s football girls staged a stunning reversal, just as wang Shuang, a member of the women’s football team, said, you can always trust the Chinese women’s football team!Lou Jiahui from Jiaozuo, who plays for Henan Jianye Women’s Football Club and is also the head coach of Henan Women’s football team, and Wang Shanshan from Luoyang, the MVP of the Asian Cup, is playing for Tianjin Shengde Women’s Football Team.On February 6th, the day of the Asian Cup final, dahe Daily reporter, wang Shanshan’s parents, family members, teachers and students from her Alma mater, witnessed the moment when Chinese women’s football team stood on the top of Asia again in the past 16 years.In the final moments of the game, Wang Shanshan from Henan province set up an assist for xiao Yuyi, who scored the winning goal.Chinese women’s soccer 3∶2 over the South Korean women’s soccer!At this moment, China’s sky, cheers, shouts resounded into the sky.The parents and coaches of Wang Shanshan primary school waved and shouted for the girls and hugged each other. The students jumped several feet high!When The Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal, Wang Shanshan was named the best player, the father Of Wang Ruijin excited after the mood calmed, said to the reporter, his daughter’s hard work as a father all know, she suffered so many injuries, pay so much sweat, this moment finally paid off.Wait for my daughter to come back, make her favorite fried potato and Luoyang gravy noodles!Travel thousands of miles, mother is always concerned about you “tired not tired” that person.Zhou Yuhua, Wang shanshan’s mother, said that when she saw her daughter’s victory, she was happy, but also distressed that she would not be too tired.”It was tiring to watch her on TV. After the final kick in the semifinals, she couldn’t stand up and was clutching her knee.The biggest thing about being a mother is heartache.”Wang Ruijin said that Wang Shanshan, as a girl from Luoyang, won glory for Luoyang and the country.The last time her parents saw Wang was in early December, “they came back and left three days later.It’s the same every year, once a year, three to five days.She goes to the gym for two or three hours, and she trains at home.”My mother knew she was suffering, but she also understood that, as a national team member, a day without practice, may be regressive.Wang loves her mother’s fried potato slices and authentic Luoyang bittern noodles, so her mother prepares them every day when she returns home as a reward for her hard work of the year.In the impression of her parents, coaches and even the children in her Alma mater, Wang Shanshan is an “introverted and silent” person who likes to be lazy in training occasionally. However, she has good physical quality and is a competitive player. “She is not weak, runs fast, has good physical strength and is very suitable for competition”.When Wang Shanshan was in the third grade of primary school, the enlightenment coach Geng Hongjie selected out to practice volleyball, Geng Hongjie found that the child was particularly talented in sports, physical conditions are superior, “particularly outstanding”.To what extent?The school organized volleyball league, Wang Shanshan on behalf of the class competition, 6 students on the field, she can play each other 6, all the boys than him.She also won a prize in long-distance running. She is a versatile athlete.Wang shanshan, who was born in 1990, will soon turn 32 but is still single.Her parents also urged her to find the right one.But, she says, training every day doesn’t have time for a relationship.When the mother-in-law mentioned the criteria for finding a son-in-law, she laughed. “If there is no criteria, a girl should like it.”Written by Zhang Jingjing, Edited by Yuan Min, by Ni Jiaming