Another scenic spot in Yunnan province, which cost 1.1 billion yuan to build, is now open for free

2022-06-27 0 By

Speaking of Yunnan, we are certainly not surprised.It is not only one of the most beautiful scenic spots in China, but also one of the most popular tourist provinces, such as Dali, Lijiang and Kunming, which is a very popular tourist city.However, Yunnan has not stopped its own construction and has been constantly improving its domestic tourism resources.Recently, another conscience attraction in Yunnan exploded at a cost of $1.1 billion, but it is now free.This scenic spot is kunming waterfall park friends must have more or less heard of.Kunming Waterfall Park, also known as Niulanjiang Waterfall Park, is located in panlong District Panjiang West Road and Z107 interchange.As you can guess, this is a waterfall themed amusement park.Although the park is not very large, it is the only waterfall themed scenic spot in Kunming.Perhaps many friends have to ask, where does the waterfall in the scenic area come from?In fact, it is from the niulan River water diversion project.The park created an artificial waterfall 12.5 meters high and 400 meters wide using only the natural drop.As a result, it has been awarded the reputation of being the largest man-made waterfall park in Asia.More than 100 kilometers of pipes were used to divert water from the Niulan River to Kunming in order to build the huge park.Therefore, local investment of 1.1 billion yuan.However, after the completion of the scenic area, it is very rare for tourists to open it for free, which is very rare in Yunnan.Today, Kunming Waterfall park not only become a good place for citizens to exercise and entertainment, more importantly, he also transported a large amount of water for Kunming, to ensure the normal water of citizens.I have to say, it’s a really good project to kill two birds with one stone.If you are interested, you may come and see for yourself.Audience, what else do you think of Niulanjiang Waterfall Park?Welcome to reply in the comment area!