Ganzhou District Dongjie Street traffic lane community special condolences to the public toilet administrator warm hearts

2022-06-27 0 By

In order to thank the public toilet management personnel who have been silently dedicated in the public toilet, on February 18, ganzhou District Dongjie street Traffic lane community and the district unit Xinle leasing company, together for ganzhou market public toilet management personnel to send special condolences.Ganzhou market has always been a public place with dense personnel and large flow, and the use of public toilets is also the largest in the whole area.Especially during the festival, the flow of people is the highest peak, which requires the administrators of public toilets to clean up footprints and water stains on the ground at any time.Every day with a variety of tools, the whole public toilet is cleaned in a very short time, the administrators with the most clean and neat appearance, convenient for every visitor and citizens.In order to make the managers feel cared and warm, the comfort sessions will continue so that they can feel more happiness, gain and satisfaction while staying committed to their posts, according to New Lease.(Zhen Xiaodan)