Liu Chengmin came to Beijing to watch the Winter Olympics: China and South Korea two sets of views, the pattern is too small

2022-06-27 0 By

Korea Table Tennis Association (KTF) president Ryu Seung-min has been interested in short-track speed skating since coming to Beijing, Posting numerous pictures on social media. While he appeared to respect the decision at home, he posted pictures overseas with captions that caused extreme discomfort.This doesn’t seem like the kind of thing a national sports association chief would do, the pattern seems too small!”I am deeply moved by the spirit and strength of the Korean athletes,” he said, expressing his respect and respect for the athletes. But his next post was less friendly to the Beijing Winter Olympics, saying that he was angry at the result of the 1,000-meter race and felt sad at the scene.After the competition, the executive department of the Korean Yoga Association came up with a series of measures to prevent athletes from suffering such problems again.It is really too confusing, what kind of problems suffered?The cheetah camera used in the Beijing Winter Olympics is not immune to any foul players, but secretly accused the Beijing Winter Olympics of “black screen”, why other countries’ athletes have not been like the Koreans have been pester the INTERNATIONAL Ice Federation?In particular, the athlete who received the award last night wiped the podium before accepting the award, suggesting that the Pyeongchang Olympics four years ago was indeed a dirty act?Yoo also said that he kept silent because he was worried that he would not be able to focus on the competition, saying that if the interview proposals and questions continued to be raised, the players would get involved.I do not know how the chairman of the Table Tennis Association has the audacity to intervene in short track speed skating. He must know the situation of Korean table tennis.The competition of Korean athletes is very fierce, especially in the classification of Korean seniors, very obvious, so that some juniors can not violate the rules of the seniors, but as a person in charge of the first do not change the training environment of his athletes, first intervene in his own do not understand the event, it is really difficult to understand.