Push 3 very crisp ancient romance novels, male and ruthless and short protection, single reading name has fallen

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Recently, many book fans do not know what to read good reaction, unknowingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan of some of this is also empathy.Today, some continue to introduce good novels to fans, fans in minutes to see addictive friends do not sleep!Optimistic words remember to collect, not afraid of later in the book shortage oh!Today a recommend to you: strong push 3 very crisp ancient romance novels, male master and ruthless and short protection, single book name has fallen into the first “ask kitchen which get clear so” author: Dongling introduction: red crisp hand, yellow vine wine, green luo blue plant mix crisp lotus root.Celadon bowl, red pepper oil, white rice braised glutinous rice porridge with purple water chestnut.Life is alive, however morning and evening early afternoon, three meals a day, grade spicy sour and sweet, Suzhou house food god zhai small kitchen niang Chen Xiao Crisp in order to participate in the “kitchen god” contest, all the way body 100, taste 100 dishes, artful funny to her.Wonderful content: Weng old smacked his lips, his food qualifications is the highest on the scene, but taste a long time but also not aware of Chen Xiao Su just said the deficiency in what place.He simply raised his head and asked, “Are you sure the title of Fairy Chen is correct?”Chen xiao Su smiled: “naturally right, weng old can taste that deficiency?”Weng Lao lowered his head and looked at the soup in his hands without knowing how to respond.”Crash!A crisp sound spread, people look for sound, I saw a childe in white spit tongue not live of pei, a broken porcelain bowl is quietly lying at his feet.”This person is so grandiose that he dares to smash Fairy Chen’s bowl!”‘He’ll be in for it now!Old weng looked at the bearer, couldn’t help but open his eyes, obviously did not expect to meet this here.Chen Xiaosu face a heavy, she overcast face through the line of sight straight to the white childe’s side.She glanced at the porcelain bowl that was thrown on the ground, and then turned her eyes to the childe in white: “Childe threw my bowl, but the product out of that deficiency?”Facing Chen Xiao Su’s aggression, the son in white was relaxed and comfortable. He wiped his mouth gently with his sleeve and nodded slightly to Chen Xiao Su: “Nature!”Chen xiaosu hissed, “I have been in Suzhou for so long. You are the first person who dares to throw my bowl. Since you have tasted it, tell me what you have tasted.”The childe in white knocked his folded fan on his hand, as if talking to himself, and said, “Fairy Chen, the noodle soup is crystal clear and bright. The soup bottom is full of the fresh sweetness of shrimp and crab, and at the same time, there is no lack of refreshing taste. It should have been perfect, but the soup bottom is more than a fresh, bad taste of the soup.”One more fresh?All the diners looked at each other, weng’s face suddenly changed, he hurriedly picked up the bowl and drank a mouthful, because the soup has not much left, has not been hot mouth, he carefully tasted it up, really there is a very light smell hidden in the rich taste.Introduction: Legend, the founding emperor bloodthirsty, jin dynasty was established on the white bones, the emperor’s mausoleum dragon gas was cursed into evil, so that each generation of the emperor did not live more than 45 years old.The master of Heaven said, send a lonely evil spirit life case of the prince when the offering to feed the evil spirit dragon emperor mausoleum, can solve this curse.She looked and saw a tall figure emerging slowly from the darkness of the cave.A purple dress, hidden with gold streamer overflow.Cloud late open big eyes to look up, a unique appearance greeted.The thick eyebrows flew into the ink temples, the sharp nose was like a peak, and the lips were as cold and beautiful as thin ice. The handsome man was as cold as a glacier, just like coming out of a painting.His eyes are very black, deep as a black hole, just look at it like the whole soul is sucked into the general……If, the double eye of cloud late beauty is as fill full spring scenery of a season, so, the double eye of this man is to install whole dark destiny certainly.Be in this instant, cloud late still thinks that is dark domain, and this man is the dark king that comes out from dark domain.Darling!She had seen a man who fit her beauty perfectly!A stunningly handsome man in ancient costume!”Crunch” the cloud chi from the beautiful man dazzled god to god.The small tree suddenly slipped and she fell almost immediately.Yunchi immediately grasped the tree tightly and looked at the man. “Help me!” she cried.Think she is the queen of war, why reduced to the point of asking for help?But the supremely handsome man merely glanced at her coldly, and then looked away from her, as if calculating his way to the bottom of the cliff through the hole.Glacier hunk?Dumb handsome guy?Cloud chi stayed for a while, still want to speak, overhead again sounded the voice of those two people.(click below free reading) the third “waste firewood nine miss, through the arrangement for the author: Unruly indulgence love free introduction: the 21st century medical family biography death, accidentally through to forget sichuan mainland Su Mansion waste firewood miss body.”Su Jiu, your fiance and your sister pair up every sunrise!”Ghost pupil is very disdain to this, can practice struggle qi awakens magic to be good at alchemy, warcraft god beast is willing to surrender, if talk about real strength, the man that this deception dallied with female feelings matches……Wonderful content: The words of Oriental plastic did not finish, Su Jiu interrupted him and picked up the baby of warcraft.When I looked at the mother, she had long since died and her body was cold.Originally, warcraft is just to protect the young…Warcraft baby eyes filled with tears, actually without resistance, obediently lying in su Nine arms, as lost mother’s children, finally found to rely on.The neat contortion of Su Jiu’s beautiful white face, coco’s nails digging deep into his brittle skin, leaving a furrow.An unspeakable sadness filled the hearts of Dongfang Su and Su Jiu.Oneself as human, actually inferior inferior warcraft.Warcraft can sacrifice for their own children, and their own father?They are of no use but to supply themselves with a *.”Aww…”The juvenile dragon seemed to see through their sadness and cried out cleverly.”Really is a good thing, it seems I earned again today, you later obediently do my pet, I will take you well.””Aww…”The juvenile dragon makes a sound with understanding.It is really level 8 warcraft, much more fun than those low warcraft.”Now warcraft has been removed, we will practice here for a few years, not in a hurry to go back?””If the queen is happy, the king is at the disposal of the queen.”Oriental plastic called niangzi called is more and more smooth mouth, and Su Jiu actually no longer look back, but feel more cordial.What the hell is going on here?Dongfangshuo smiled slightly, between two people inexplicable subtle in the moonlight just, elongated shadows seem to be intertwined together.”Jiu ‘er regards me as her husband now, doesn’t he?””No.”A touch of red on Su Jiu’s face, the eyes can not hide the tender and shy, making her look more lovely.Looking at su Nine more stretched face, Dongfangshuo no longer tease, a lips, slowly find another pair of…Look inside soft feeling like water, the horn that lets Su 9 in the heart actually ineffable collapse.(Click below to read it for free.) 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