Sun Wukong in the oblique moon Samsung cave, there is an acquaintance?Did he meet him on the way?

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Sun Wukong learned the real talent in the oblique moon Samsung cave, Bodhi patriarch taught him the big product of the celestial formula, and then buy one give one to teach him seventy-two changes and the loop cloud, but, who did not notice, there has been an acquaintance of Wukong.Sun Wukong to oblique month the matter of the three star hole to learn not how many people know, even if it is the monkey of flower and fruit mountain also know king to go out to study only, but the specific address of the school they do not know all, because the address of the monkey through the arm is very vague to bodhi patriarch, they want to reveal go out difficult.Sun Wukong in order to find the address of the school can be said to be wayward, took a lot of detour to see the woodcutter, by the woodcutter’s guidance to find the inclined moon Samsung hole, school is not long Sun Wukong was arranged to carry water and sweep.Wukong spent the happiest time in the three star cave of the slanting moon. Master Bodhi gave him a good name, Sun Wukong, and taught him kung fu that none of his other disciples knew.In his opinion, it is the students who teach, so they usually study in a unified classroom. What they learn is nothing more than four courses such as static word gate. However, Sun Wukong is not interested in this, in his opinion, learning the art of immortality is the most important.Sun Wukong learning the art of immortality is not smooth, he first got a teacher’s hit, the teacher in the back of his head knocked three times, Sun Wukong will understand in the middle of the night to the teacher’s bedroom to learn, crooked, Sun Wukong cracked the mystery of the teacher’s dish.Perhaps, everyone did not notice, here also appeared an old acquaintance.Wukong said, “There are no six ears here, only one disciple. I hope master will show mercy and teach me the way to live forever. Never forget your kindness!”Sun Wukong said, there are only two of them, there is no so-called six ears, the teacher can feel at ease to teach him the art of immortality, the only place on the road to take six ears is the real Monkey King’s six ears macaque.Six ears macaques skill, he is almost review paste version of sun wukong, the Monkey King will spell six ear monkeys will, there is only one difference between the two of them multiplier, the Monkey King is in the hands of a great, six ears macaque hands is the best hardcore pawn, even the hell the effort of all don’t forget to remind the owner, in front of people they are not to be taunted,Even if I call all the people in hell to me, it’s hard to resist.So, does the six-eared macaque really appear in the Oblique Moon Samsung-dong?The possibility of this is zero, because the bodhi patriarch’s magic is high strong, someone in the house he will not know, six ears can not escape the master’s eyes, so, six ears in the mouth of the Monkey is not referring to six ears macaque.The six ears in the oblique moon Samsung hole refer to the third person, at that time the house only four ears, namely bodhi patriarch and Wukong, but when the third person appears is the third person, also formed six ears.Go to “snail see westward journey” public number, can see the relevant article “six ear macaque weapon is called what name? Also produced from the East China Sea?”