“Gold rush” although the story has ended, but sister mountain and dog head gold legend is still continuing

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By actors Liao Fan, Chen Feiyu, Su Ke, Lv Xiaolin, Li Congxi, Sun Yan, Ding Guansen, Shangbai co-starred in the TV series “Gold Rush” has come to an end, it is estimated that many viewers can not accept the ending of the leading role “all lost”.But in the eyes of some viewers, although the story is over, the legend of Sister Mountain and Dog Head Gold continues.Because the living prospector will be the second King of sweetwater.In the finale of the TV series Gold Rush, we will find that the old gold rush guest Wang Tianshui came to Sister Mountain as early as 40 years ago.The reason why he can walk out of sister ling alive is because the king of sweet water at that time is only a “minor”.He was the only survivor of the landslide at Sister Ridge.For Wang Tianshui, he was lucky, but for the other gold miners, Wang Tianshui’s survival is their misfortune.Why do you say that?Because king sweet water to gold rush guests brought sister mountain and dog gold legend.It can be said that if the king sweet water died in the landslide accident forty years ago, there is no sister mountain and the legend of dog head gold.Nor did the prospectors regard Sister Hills as sacred ground.And after the old six blood wash four wood field, wang Sweet water is chosen, and Wu Jianchao return to the sister ridge, because he wants to do a closure of this matter.Why did King Sweetwater detonate explosives?It is estimated that many viewers do not understand why Wang Tianshui detonated explosives?Was it true that the dog’s head gold buried on the sister’s ridge had been cursed?In the updated episodes, we learn that Wang Sweetwater visited Sister Mountain 40 years ago, meaning the legend of Sister Mountain and dog head gold has been circulating among gold prospectors for more than 40 years.But in more than forty years, no one could bring down a gram of gold from the sister ridge, and very few could come back alive.Therefore, in the view of Wang Sweet water, the dog’s head gold has long been cursed.Wu Jianchao had said that three years ago, he had gone to the sister mountain with Chen Xiangdong.However, when he found the dog gold, but there was a mine accident.This strengthened Wang’s idea, in his view, the dog head gold is a piece of ominous things.Anyone who has ever seen doghead gold must be cursed.Therefore, Wang Qingshui detonated the explosives in the no.7 mine.He hoped to end the legend of sister mountain and dog head gold.It is estimated that many viewers will have such a question, that is: if the dog head gold is born, it really will bring bad luck to the gold miners?In fact, we can find the answer in the conversation between Wu Jianchao and gold miners.I don’t know if you remember, but the prospectors didn’t set a price for gold with Lao Shan.Thus, when the dog head gold is born, these gold prospectors will face.You know, Lao Shan became the leader of the gold rush team not because of his personality, but because of his weapons.Old Shan in order to dog head gold, it is likely to make a blood wash sister ling things.Wang Tianshui thinks he detonated explosives, can end the legend of sister mountain and dog head gold.But he seemed to forget the gold prospectors who came to sister Ridge with Old Shan.And sister ridge and the legend of dog head gold, will also be able to continue because of their existence.They chose to leave Sister Ling not because Wang Sweetwater had blown up the mine, but because the rainy season was coming.When the flowers bloom the next year, they will return to sister Mountain and continue to search for the legendary dog head gold.This picture comes from the network do not know how everyone views “gold rush” this TV series?Welcome to leave your comments.