Half a million dowry event in reverse?The woman posted a video response.

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Recently, do not know if you have in a short video platform to brush a video, the content of the video is a net red named “nine sesame shovel excrement officer” and his girlfriend was beaten things.The woman was allegedly beaten by her parents, who demanded 500,000 yuan for the bride price. When the man couldn’t pay the money, the woman’s parents forcibly took her away. During the process, the man was beaten by the woman’s relatives, while the woman was dragged and beaten by her own parents.At the first time of the incident, the male convenience called the police. After the police finished the recording, the male husband posted the video, which triggered hot discussion among netizens. I thought the incident was caused by the woman’s parents’ improper handling, but unexpectedly, the woman also posted a video, which turned the matter into a reverse.From the video of the man, it can be seen that the woman’s parents and relatives enter the man’s house. Every moment, the woman’s parents drag the woman into the front door. In order to take the woman away as soon as possible, the woman’s father drags the woman to the car.The man tried to chase his girlfriend but was dragged back by relatives inside the house. The woman’s mother then returned to the man’s home and took all her clothes and belongings with her.The video sparked speculation that the bride’s parents asked the man for 500,000 yuan in order to buy a house for her brother, claiming that the woman’s parents preferred the boy to the girl, who was a vampire.However, on February 13, the woman herself issued a clarification video in response to the online discussion, saying that the online information is not true, and the family does not need to use the bride price to buy a house for his brother. We hope that people will stop speculating and online violence against their family.It is understood that the man and the woman have been in love for 6 years, from the beginning, the woman’s parents do not agree with the relationship, because her parents put pressure on her, so one woman ran out, she also said in the video, the parents because he left without saying goodbye to make such extreme behavior.As for the beating of the man’s friend, the woman said it was not their real intention, because the man was emotional when he saw the woman being taken away, so the friction between the two sides occurred, for the bride price, the parents said angry words.Faced with the woman’s simple response, many netizens said that this is not the woman’s real thoughts, because the woman’s performance in the video just like reading a script, not too much emotion.Others say they have a bit of psychology and look threatened.It is not known if the video is the woman’s real opinion, but the woman and the man have been together for six years, and the woman’s parents can give advice.What do you think about that?Discuss it in the comments section!