I’ll reimburse the ticket home!”Old fans” Spring Festival surprise has arrived

2022-06-28 0 By

No matter how far it is, this year’s New Year, “Poster News” will send you home!About 100 netizens have been reimbursed for train tickets every day since the campaign was launched on January 25. The campaign will last for 22 days, and a total of 2,022 train tickets will be reimbursed for netizens.The activity has been actively participated by national netizens, many lucky fans in Jinan also successfully listed.Meng Xiangran, a student in Beijing, is one of the lucky ones.”I’m a big fan of poster news. I’ve been downloading poster news for a few years now.Meng xiangran said that as a student studying in other places, he pays close attention to the changes of his hometown Jinan. He not only often gets relevant news about his hometown on posters, but also pays attention to the public account of Dazhong website and wechat.This time, I saw the news on the wechat official account of Dazhong and immediately participated in the activity.Meng Xiangran told reporters that he was very surprised that he won the prize, “I did not expect to win the prize, I hope the New Year, continue to be good luck!”Zaozhuang people working in Jinan Tianqiao district is also a loyal user of poster news, every day through the poster news to understand the latest information of him, when he saw the “see poster news home ticket” activity immediately participated in.’I never thought of that!Speaking of this winning experience, the kind of misty difficult to mask excitement.”I usually go home. I go back to Zaozhuang on Friday night and then back to Jinan on Monday morning. It’s very convenient.It’s not a lot of money, but it adds a lot of surprises to an otherwise normal trip.”The warm heart of the poster news is like the central heating in the north, comforting the heart of the misty.”It feels so warm to reimburse our tickets on our way home.””He said happily.Posters news client on January 25 solstice on February 15, “poster news home ticket” activities, in the dock with the subject to participate in the message, and upload on February 15, January 1 solstice destination for shandong’s train ticket between photos or order screenshots (sensitive information please make your own Mosaic), which have the opportunity to seize the opportunity of train tickets for reimbursement.The campaign lasted for 22 days, and about 100 netizens were selected to reimburse train tickets every day. A total of 2,022 train tickets were reimbursed during the campaign.