“Linkage of six Cities” to help the development of “Seven Industries” special job fair waiting for you

2022-06-28 0 By

On February 22nd, Changchun Human Resources Service Center, in collaboration with human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Changchun New Area, will hold a special job fair of “Six Cities linkage” to promote the development of “Seven Industries” in Changchun Human Resources Market.As the first large-scale job fair after the “Talent Service Winter Holiday” Series activities of Changchun Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, this event is also an important part of the in-depth implementation of the “six cities linkage” industrial talent gathering project and the continuous promotion of Changchun city to promote college graduates to stay and start businesses and employment service project.The event will set up four special sections: on-site recruitment of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, talent policy consulting service of the new District, Internet “cloud” recruitment, and on-site investigation.On-site recruitment sector: organizers will organize correction pharmaceutical, changchun hectogram biotechnology co., LTD, changchun faw rich sheng Lear automotive electronics co., LTD., changchun collect d technology co., LTD., such as automobile, agricultural products processing, equipment manufacturing, photoelectric information more than 120 scientific and technological innovation in the class, issued a “seven big industry” more than 1500 related.Talent policy consultation section: the organizer will set up an exhibition on the spot, distribute the provincial, municipal and Changchun New Area talent new Policy materials, and answer the talent apartment, employment probation and other related questions for job seekers and enterprises.Internet “cloud” recruitment plate: Changchun Talent network and Changchun New Area talent employment network will “cloud” release the information of talent demand and quality urgently needed positions of “seven industries” related enterprises.Tiktok live streaming platform will also carry out livestreaming post recommendation activities.Field survey: The organizer will conduct a talent demand survey on “seven industries” enterprises through on-site questionnaire and “face to face” inquiries with the participating enterprises.Job seekers can log in changchun Talent Network (www.ccrc.com.cn) to learn the details of the activity, and all kinds of college graduates with majors related to “seven industries” and relevant talents who are willing to devote their enthusiasm to “seven industries” can enter the site for free communication and negotiation.Welcome all kinds of enterprises to register and attend the conference, consultation telephone: 0431-88781524.Scan on wechat: Click “Discover” in share wechat, scan the QR code to share this article to moments.