Serie A front page today: Juve and Zakaria!Inter milan are set to extend the contract of Brozovic

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La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere Dello Sport and Tuttosport are three of Italy’s biggest sports newspapers, and today we take a look at what their headlines are about.Gazzetta dello Sport 1. “Zakaria!Another signing from Juve.Juve have agreed a deal for the Swiss midfielder after signing Miriam Vlahovic.Kulusevski is set to move to Tottenham for a 40m euro plus bonus and spurs are still negotiating for Bentangul.2. “Zlatan Ibrahimovic question.”Zlatan and contract extension: to play or not to sign, milan are looking for strikers, David and Issac.3. Inzaghi confirms core, Brozovic will re-sign, frattesi is the future.Dzeko: “this inter is our home.”4. Mourinho hires a former referee.Mihaira, charge gaspellini’s turbo.Corriere dello sport 1. “Juve sprint for Zakaria.”It’s not just Vlahovic, making a final charge to the Menxing midfield.The Swiss midfielder will be available for Jon Buntankur and Tomasz Krusevski in the Premiership.Zakaria’s negotiations have come to an end, with the German club being offered 7 million euros.2. Casedo: “I was immediately convinced by Inzaghi.”3. Lazio transfer market: Milanchuk close to rejection, Immobile stays.4. Sensi: Following mancini’s advice, sprint more.5. Relegation avoidance: from Salernitana to Cagliari, they make moves to avoid relegation to serie b.Tuttosport 1. “And Zakaria!Juve are one step away from a move for the Swiss, with nandez as an alternative.Bentancour and Khurusevski are close to leaving the team.Vlahovic had his first training session at Continasa.2. “Turin brings in Riczi.”The newly selected Italy midfielder said goodbye to empoli as he travelled to Turin for a medical and signed a contract.3. Casedo at Inter: “I am here to thank Inzaghi.”4. Sampdoria have acquired striker Sampdoria Supriaga on loan from Dynamo Kiev.(My name is Da Vinci)