Wearing a panda?Panda theme Lolita to wear, together into a cute Panda!

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Have you got your new Dress ready for the start of the New Year? Take a look at xiao Cha’s Panda-themed LO dress. Bear’s Studio Panda Panda has removable hair balls on the collar and sleeves for easy cleaning.Chinese neckline and clasp, full of festive feeling, very suitable for the beginning of the New Year when wearing.Chest wave hollow-out small design, nifty do not break sex appeal again.Side open zipper is easy to wear and take off, waist bow can be detachable, unlock a variety of matching styles.The main color of red with xiangyun pattern, with a round tube roll all kinds of pandas, is really lovely.The silk belt that hangs between the waist is swinging with the wind when turning, fairy is very, the cuff of ji sleeve style adds luxuriant feeling.The original panda Handle picture by Miaoaiqing is a combination of cute giant pandas, round cartoon sandwich cookies and fresh bamboo.In addition to red, there are also blue colors to choose from ~ green is also a great color to wear in the beginning of spring!In terms of design, the shoulder strap is not fixed, but detachable pearl shoulder strap, which increases the three-dimensional sense and layering sense of skirt surface.Small V collar on the neck with exquisite plate buckle, the combination of national style and modern fashion.The cuff of coat chose coriaceous dish buckle + pearl dish buckle, rich simple sense, lotus leaf lace small horn sleeve is having a unique style.Fabric channeling jacquard fabric, bamboo cotton fabric and handle diagram echo each other, wearing is also very comfortable.The above two are heavy Chinese style, if you want a lovely vitality can see the following section.The pocket Panda dress has chosen a standard panda color — black and white. The baby collar and slobber scarf style neckline are full of cuteness, and the lace decoration in the middle enhances the delicate feeling.The sleeve has a splicing style, with small round paw prints giving the skirt a dynamic feeling.There is not too much decoration on the skirt, and the solid color is matched with the fluffy panda head, which is full of cuteness.The panda’s face is embellished with blush and a band of lace, paired with a pink bow tie that makes you want to touch it.The black and white hemline adds layers to the dress.If you want a panda handle, and you want to travel everyday, then check out the panda Dream Bamboo.And there are JSK, OP, SK three styles (SK has been removed from the market now), travel with A small A-line skirt, very daily.CuteQ Panda dream bamboo A-type OP, the diamond hollow-out design below the collar, with hand-customized plate buckle, is cute with Chinese style characteristics.The collar is fixed and cannot be opened, while the back is made with an invisible zipper, making it more convenient to wear and take off.Hollow out design on both sides of sleeves.Fasten with a bow.OP’s veil extends to the hem and has two bows in front and two bows in front.The figure of the handle with the theme of red panda eating bamboo is lovely and elegant ~ the waist JSK, the color is simple and elegant but lively, the cotton and linen fabric fits the theme of Chinese style, and the elastic waist design improves the comfort of wearing.Panda and bamboo theme print, fresh and elegant.Chinese style collar design with a font buckle, as well as the Chinese style of lace, highlighting the theme atmosphere.Lace rich collar details, a word plate mouth to show the characteristics of the Chinese wind.Small flying sleeves add lovely fun, and a fixed bow at the waist makes the whole dress look richer.It is easy to put on and take off.Which of these panda themed shirts do you like best?Leave a message for Xiao Cha in the comments section!Right above the introduction of basic are spot oh ~ come together to wear it!