World Cup draw preview: Looking forward to super Group of Death?Who gets to live mero’s final act?

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Beijing time on April 1, the 2022 World Cup draw will take place tomorrow morning.Twenty-nine of the 32 teams have been confirmed, with the final three to be selected in June.For the first time in soccer history, the World Cup will be held in winter.Let’s take a look at what you need to know about the World Cup ahead of the draw.Promotion is confirmed.First tier: Qatar (host), Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Spain, Portugal.In the second tier are Denmark, the Netherlands, Mexico, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Uruguay.The third tier includes Senegal, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Serbia, Poland, South Korea and Tunisia.In the fourth tier are Cameroon, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Canada, and the winners of the three additional events.With The elimination of Italy and the smooth entry of Portugal, the position of the first tier of the draw has been changed, the Netherlands and Germany are in the second tier, and there is the possibility of a group of death.Also in the second tier, after all, is Croatia, runner-up in last year’s World Cup.In the top three, newly crowned African Cup winners Seneca and Japan are also not to be sniped at, as are Serbia, who beat Portugal to qualify.Possible outcomes: Brazil, Germany, Japan, plus Cameroon/Canada;There could even be a replay of the last champions and runners-up clash between France and Croatia.One qualified smoothly, the other stumbled, but both pride got on the World Cup flight as expected.Cristiano Ronaldo, 37, and Lionel Messi, 34, are both on what could be their last World Cup trip.Although all for a first team, group matches without meeting, but there is still the possibility of meeting in the knockout round.Is it possible that we will see melo on the World Cup stage?3. Qatar, the new Asian Cup champion?Qatar lit up the world in 2019 by scoring 19 goals and conceding just one, thrashing Japan in the final to win the Asian Cup.It is worth looking forward to whether Qatar, which has been sending talent to Europe in recent years, can break through the group and even make history.The Last 32-team World Cup This will be the last 32-team tournament.The next World Cup, with 48 teams, will be much less impressive.At the same time, including the Australian Football Association, the Russian Football Association out of the existing football association is not certain, the NUMBER of seats in the AFC is likely to increase to 8.5, the next national football team opportunity really come?