A real man wants a big bowl of wine and meat?Be careful if you eat more.

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In “Duan Yu Qiao Feng first met, is in the pine crane tower fighting wine, two people high or low, drink to the end of their vows.But according to a recent study, not only does drinking and eating meat not boost your masculinity, but you may even be deficient in testosterone, the most important male hormone for men.Drink meat, eat more affect androgen!In a recent study published in TheJournalofUrology, a team from west China hospital of sichuan university found that men who eat a “pro-inflammatory diet,” especially those who are obese, are more likely to be deficient in testosterone, the most important male hormone.The Sichuan University study examined the association between dietary inflammation Index (DII) and testosterone deficiency in 4,151 men.About 26 percent of the men in the study had some degree of testosterone deficiency;Men who ate the most pro-inflammatory foods were about 30 percent more likely to have testosterone deficiency than those who ate fewer pro-inflammatory foods.These results support the idea that pro-inflammatory diets can lead to testosterone deficiency and other potential health risks.What is pro-inflammatory diet?The Dietary Inflammation Index (DII) was first proposed in 2009 to assess the amount of inflammatory components in the diet and is a continuous indicator to assess an individual’s dietary status.The effects of foods on specific inflammatory markers were assessed by selecting the relationship between inflammation and specific food components, and the ingredients in each food were scored for promoting or suppressing inflammation.According to food consumption data from countries around the world, alcohol, carbohydrates, cholesterol, total fat, saturated fat, trans fatty acids, protein, iron and vitamin B12 are all pro-inflammatory.The more pro-inflammatory ingredients, such as alcohol, red meat, processed meat, and so on, the higher DII, the more it increases the body’s inflammatory response.So that explains it — drinking a lot of wine and eating a lot of meat might actually keep androgens away…Androgen deficiency, how terrible is it?Androgens, as their name suggests, accompany the growth and development of men throughout all important moments of their lives.Male genital differentiation in embryo, genital development in adolescence, sperm development and maturation, protein synthesis, maintenance of sexual function and metabolism all require the participation of androgens.Lack of testosterone can be a serious health risk for men.When male body testosterone secretion is too low, can cause a series of abnormal symptoms appear.01 Easy to get fat, easy to get chronic diseases.Generally speaking, the loss of androgen is accompanied by a loss of muscle mass and weight gain, which increases the symptoms of cardiac obesity such as beer belly, and increases the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes in men.At the same time, androgen is an important substance to protect the heart and blood vessels, and once its secretion is reduced, “three high” and other chronic diseases will follow.Increased risk of prostate cancer.Testosterone deficiency in men on a high “pro-inflammatory diet” is associated with increased insulin resistance and oxidative stress responses, an increased risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and prostate cancer, and a poorer prognosis for prostate cancer patients.03 Cognitive decline.Research on the link between testosterone and cognitive ability has focused on spatial cognition, which refers to spatial attention, visual observation, object discrimination and visual memory.The research on the relationship between testosterone and cognitive ability is influenced by many factors, but there is a linear relationship between them.Studies have shown that in older men, high testosterone levels are better predictors of several cognitive tests, including memory function.Prone to male menopause symptoms.Male climacteric syndrome is a multi-etiology and multi-factor disease, among which the etiology research is more in-depth is the partial deficiency of androgen (including androgen level and androgen effect), and the symptoms are similar to female climacteric syndrome.Some call it “partial androgen deficiency syndrome in middle-aged and older men” (PADAM).How to revive his power?Diet life is inseparable 01 diet improvement.As the above study says, if you want to maintain androgen after an oral infection, you should reduce your intake of “pro-inflammatory foods” and choose anti-inflammatory foods instead.Fruits and vegetables have the best anti-inflammatory effect, followed by whole grains, pasta and beans. Healthy fats such as organic rapeseed oil and nuts can be consumed mostly, as well as high-quality protein such as fish and seafood.In addition, mushrooms, eggs, yogurt, ginger, garlic, tea, walnuts, coffee and other anti-inflammatory effects.02 Exercise improvement.Secondly, keep moving, long-term, moderate exercise can make the gonad to secrete testosterone capacity corresponding enhancement, and easy to consume and empty, increase muscle content and enhance body function.Anus lifting exercises and deep squats are especially recommended, because pelvic floor training or perineal muscle training can improve the blood circulation of the male private tissue and promote the generation and release of androgen in the testicles.For information on how to carry out anus lifting exercise, please refer to this article.What a shame!Qianlong emperor’s secret health maintenance, unexpectedly this?03 Lifestyle improvement.Then, keep a good mood and work and rest, quit smoking and drinking, healthy life.Long-term anxiety, depression and other negative emotions in men, will appear obvious androgen deficiency phenomenon.Being in a good mood can normalize testosterone levels and increase androgen production.At the same time, smoking and drinking alcohol have a significant impact on health, leading to an increased risk of various diseases and disrupting the endocrine system in the body.Have sex at a reasonable frequency.Androgen is produced by the testes, and proper sex is important for releasing testosterone and maintaining androgen levels in the body.If you want to be a beefcake man, you should start from a healthy life.[1] Li Hongjun.Research status of male menopause syndrome [J]. 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