Always not interested in tobacco, I bought two good cigarettes, came to grandma’s grave

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Then it came to tomb-sweeping Day.Always not interested in tobacco, I bought two good cigarettes, came to grandma’s grave, because grandma’s only love is smoking.In my memory, grandma is a kind and gentle old woman. She often tells stories to our children and makes up ditty to make us happy.At the same time, she is also a warm-hearted person, who has a big family affairs, she always help out.In addition, grandma has a bright voice and can sing several Henan opera. During the slack season, the small courtyard will be crowded with villagers who come to listen to the opera.But because of grandpa’s bad temper, grandma often suffer gratuitous anger, but she never resist, even dare not write the pain on the face, people before and after the smile is still.Meekness is her consistent choice, or perhaps because of the pain in the heart can not tell, grandma learned to smoke.At that time, the family was poor and had no money to buy cigarettes. In addition, grandpa did not smoke and was most disgusted with other people, especially women, smoking. Therefore, grandma’s addiction to smoking was suppressed, and only her family and neighbors knew about her “bad” habit.Grandma’s house is a grocery store across the street, known as the people would give her a cigarette or two, she never smoking in public, but secretly with home, strip away the cigarette paper, add the inside of the cut tobacco to knead a broken dry leaves, put in tailoring beforehand good a few pieces of rectangular pieces of paper, paper is elder sister are used on both sides of exercise books, then roll it up, interface with the batter, glueSo a cigarette was processed by her into several, and then, she put slowly smoke.At that time, I thought it was fun and helped her roll cigarettes. Grandma was very happy and praised me as a sensible and clever child. Sometimes SHE would reward me with a piece of candy, and I would be more willing to serve her.Once, a big family in the village had a wedding. Many city people in suits and shoes came, holding cigarettes with golden holders in their hands.Love lively I found someone on the ground to pick up cigarette butts, suddenly remembered grandma’s preference, so, less than five years old I like a small bee shuttling in the bustling crowd, in their feet of the dust filled the ground, picked up a cigarette butts.With a cigarette holder I will be like a treasure hidden in his pocket, afraid of others robbed.When I happily went to a river across the grandma’s house, the “gift” to the spinning grandma, she immediately lit up, first kissed me, then took out a nickel from his pocket to me, and then for the first time in a row to smoke several roots.At that time, I looked up and asked her: “Grandma, is this smoke good?”Grandma nodded and smiled, “It’s so good to suck!”I still remember that I bought more than ten pieces of candy with the five cents. When I ate the candy, I promised to grandma that WHEN I grew up, I would buy several cartons of filter-tipped cigarettes for her to smoke enough.Never think, when I was in the fourth grade of primary school, grandma unexpectedly left us suddenly cerebral infarction.I was crying so hard that I hated myself for not growing up to earn money, and my grandma had left the world before smoking a good cigarette I bought.Later, I learned that smoking is harmful to health.Goodbye cigarette, the mind will emerge with grandma and the scene of stealing cigarette butts, regret.Kneeling in front of grandma’s grave, the past, in the curling smoke, my tears fly.