Hunan weather has changed!Please return early!

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Yesterday (February 4) more sunlight is like spring hunan has the feeling of the earth rejuvenation but the rain and snow weather tonight will again incoming xiangbei local blizzard southeast hunan local heavy rain advice to long-distance returning travelers to avoid the rain and snow key time seize the favorable return ahead of the year of the tiger to the strongest rain and snow weather Spread to the central meteorological station in hunan, expects February 5 solstice 7,The Middle East will welcome the strongest rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger, with the intensity significantly stronger than the last round (From January 31 to February 3), affecting a wide area, or affecting more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and the precipitation phase is complex, which may affect the return peak during the Spring Festival holiday.On February 6, northern Tibet, Inner Mongolia, gansu hexi, the northwest region east, south, west of huanghuai, jianghuai west of north China, parts of jianghan western and southern he ethnoniedicinal has small to moderate snow, among them, central south shaanxi, anhui, hubei parts of the west and north, northwest of hunan and other places have a big to blizzard.Light to moderate rain was seen in most parts of southwest China, South China and South China, with heavy rain in central and southern Hunan, western Jiangxi and northeastern Guangxi.Under the influence of cold air on the ground and warm and humid air in southwest China, it will be rainy (snow) in the next week. The snow in the north of central Hunan mainly occurs during the daytime from 6th to 9th, and the risk of road icing is greater. Most areas of the province will be mainly affected by rain from the night of 9th to the 11th.The night of 6th and 8th will be the strongest snowfall period. There will be snowstorm in the north of central Hunan, with the maximum depth of snow of 5 ~ 10cm. There will be freezing in high altitude areas.In addition, there will be heavy rain in southern Hunan during the day from June 6 to 7.Specific forecast on 5th (the fifth day), it will be cloudy to light rain in xiangxi, Zhangjiajie, Changde, central and northern Huaihua, northern Shaoyang, western Loudi and western Yiyang. There will be sleet or light snow in high altitude areas in northern Zhangjiajie and northern Changde, and cloudy to overcast in other areas (Figure 1).Northwind force 2 ~ 3 increased to force 3 ~ 4;The lowest temperature is -1 ~ 1℃ in northwest Hunan, 1 ~ 3℃ in other areas.During the daytime of 6th (6th Day), light rain turned to sleet in Xiangxi, Zhangjiajie, Changde, Yiyang, northern Yueyang and northern Huaihua. Snow or freezing occurred in high altitude areas, and light to moderate rain occurred on cloudy days in other areas (left of FIG. 2).Saturday night, rain and snow scope, enhance strength, in the north of hunan moderate snow sleet, including Suggestions for western, zhangjiajie, changde, yiyang and yueyang, which parts of northern snow, local blizzard, high altitudes have frozen, other parts of the cloudy day have moderate rain, among them, which, yongzhou in southern north, south, west of hengyang local shaoyang to rain (figure 2) to the right,North wind force 3 ~ 4;The lowest temperature is -2 ~ 0℃ in north Hunan, 2 ~ 4℃ in southeast Hunan, 0 ~ 2℃ in other areas.Figure 2 Precipitation and phase state forecast in Hunan (left: February 6 in the daytime, right: February 6 in the evening) On February 7, it will be cloudy in the north of Xiangxi and the west of Zhangjiajie, and light to moderate rain in Yongzhou, Chenzhou, Hengyang and the south of Zhuzhou, with heavy rain in Chenzhou and sleet or light snow turning to cloudy in other areas (Figure 3 left).North wind force 3 ~ 4;The lowest temperature in north Hunan -2 ~ 0℃, 0 ~ 2℃ in other areas.On The 8th, the rain and sleet in western hunan, central Hunan and north Hunan turned to small to medium snow, among which the central Huaihua, western Loudi, western Yiyang, northern Shaoyang were locally heavy snow, and other areas light rain or sleet (right in Figure 3).Figure 3 Precipitation and phase state forecast in Hunan (left: February 7, right: February 8) On February 9, light snow or sleet turned to cloudy in the north of central Hunan, and light rain in other areas.10 to 11, most areas in the province to light rain weather.Rain and snow mixed superposition Spring Festival return peak drivers must be cautious driving suggestions to avoid rain and snow time to return in advance of Hunan Expressway these important nodes please pay attention to 1.G5513 zhang-Zhang High-Speed Zhang-Yi segment, G5517 chang-Chang north line high-speed Yiyang segment, S50 chang-Zhi high-speed Changsha segment, G6021 Hang-Chang high-speed Changsha segment, G5513 zhang-Hong Kong-Macao high-speed Changsha segment, G6021 Hang-Chang high-speed Changsha segment, G5513 zhang-Hong Kong-Macao high-speed Xiangtan segment, G60 Shanghai-Kunming high-speed Xiangtan segment, Shaoyang segment, G5513 zhang-Zhang high-speed Chang-Yi segment, G5517 chang-Chang north line high-speed Yiyang segment, S50 Chang-Zhi high-speed Changsha segment, G6021 Hang-Chang high-speed Changsha segment,G0421 xuguang expressway Xiangtan section, Hengyang section, etc.2. Pay attention to the toll station G4: Xingsha, Pingjiang West, Yueyang, Yuhua, Lijiatang, Zhaoshan, Majihe, Zhuzhou West, Chenzhou toll station;G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway: Xiangtan North, Shaoyang South, Shaodong, Zhouwangbu toll station;G0401 changsha Roundabout expressway: Songya Lake, Changlong, Ganshan, Luzhiling Toll station;G6021杭 州 长高速 : changsha, sany, huanghua, yong ‘an toll station;G5513长张高速 : changsha west toll station, chaoyang toll station;S21长 strains High-Speed: Langli east toll station, Zhuzhou toll station;S41 changtan West Expressway: Bachelor toll Station, Jiuhua Toll Station;G0421 xU Guang expressway: Yangjiaqiao toll station;S19 Liuhong Expressway: Liuyang West toll station;S50 changzhi High-speed: Yuelu toll station;S01 ningshao High-speed: Shaoshan toll station;S51 nanyue Expressway: Nanyue Toll Station;S80 heng Shao high-speed: Stone drum toll station;G0401 changsha Bypass expressway: Huanghuatang, Pingtang, Dato, Dongjing, Wanlinan, Laobaohe, Xingang, Xingcheng, Jinqiao, Wanlibei, Wangcheng Through the opening area toll station;Airport Expressway: Changsha East Toll Station.3. Focus on service area G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway: Xiaotang, Yizhang, Suzhou, Yongxing, Leiyang, Yancheng, Hengshan, Zhaoshan, Changsha, Dajing, Linxiang service area;G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway: Liling, Xiangtan, Xiangxiang East, Shuifumiao, Shaodong, Baoqing, Longhui, Dongkou service area;G5513 chang-Zhang expressway: Ningxiang, Taizimiao Service area;G5517 changchang North Line high-speed: Changsha West service area;S20 Pingdong Expressway: Yiyang South Service Area;G56 hangrui expressway: Yuanling service area.G60 Shanghai-Guangzhou expressway and G0421 Xuguang Expressway interchange at Tailing Junction;G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high-speed and G60 Shanghai-Kunming high-speed intersection of Yin Jia ‘ao junction;G5513 chang-Zhang expressway and G0421 Xu-Guang expressway intersection, Jianjia-Ao junction;S50 changzhi high-speed and G0421 Xuguang high-speed intersection of the Daolin hub;G0401 changsha roundabout high speed and G5517 Changchang North Line high speed intersection of Guanyinyan junction;G5517 changchang North line high-speed and S20 pingdong high-speed rendezvous bijiashan hub interchange;G60 Shanghai-Kunming high speed and G55 two Canton high speed rendezvous 梽 Wushan hub connectivity;G6021 hangzhou-Changzhou Expressway and G0401 Changsha High-speed rendezvous huanghua Junction interconnect;G6021 hangzhou-Changzhou Expressway and G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway intersection of Changsha North hub interconnect;G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high-speed and G0401 Changsha high-speed intersection of Lijiatang hub interconnect;G0422 wu-Shenzhen high-speed and G1517 Pu-Yan high-speed rendezvous yanling west junction;G72 quannan high speed and G0422 wuzhen-Shenzhen high speed intersection of Pingshui junction and Mengtong junction connectivity;G72 quannan high-speed and G0421 Xuguang high-speed intersection of the railway city hub;G0421 xU Guang high-speed and S80 heng Shao high-speed intersection of the Fir bridge hub;G56 Hangrui high-speed and G65 Baomao high-speed rendezvous phoenix hub interconnect.G56 K804+900 to K804+930 two-way bridge construction, two-way occupation of half of the fast lane and half of the emergency lane, please pass vehicles slow down.G5513 changzhang Expressway Yiyang section, K63 yiyang service area two-way closed construction, service area suspended opening.Drivers who need refueling and rest plan ahead.Source: hunan weather, Hunan traffic police, 905 traffic broadcast editor: Small orange review: editor: Li Guang