True portrayal of the adult world: pretend to be happy during the day, at night the world is not worth it

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Age is sometimes a good thing, but sometimes it’s a reality that no one else wants to face.Like many female friends, they don’t want to tell each other their age.Before eighteen, people of this age may be naive, carefree and free;If it is between 18 and 25 years old, this age group is the envy of people, they have young capital;If it’s between 25 and 35, people in this age group feel stressed and the burden on them is increasing.There will be a place by age group, and each age group will have something to bear for each age group.Our brains absorb more and more as we get older, whether it’s social awareness, familiarity with relationships, or anything else.Easy, of course, is never a word in the adult world.As soon as many people become adults, they begin to feel a few extra labels on their body.Especially poor rural children, they may have entered the society before adulthood, seeking survival.When we see many adults talking and laughing, smiling and smiling, we instinctively assume that they are happy, happy, happy, satisfied and joyful.Well, it’s not.They are not a reflection of their inner world, which is pretending to be happy by day and crying at night that it is not worth living.There are such a group of people, they seem to be indifferent to fame and wealth.In fact, their hearts are also eager to get.However, due to their current ability has not reached the level of harvest fame and profit.As a result, they are indifferent to fame and wealth owned by others;There are also people who make no secret of their pursuit of fame and wealth, who openly discuss such topics with others, and who even seek advice and friendship from those who have achieved them.They have the courage to look straight into their heart’s desire, and are willing to work hard and sweat for such achievements.Because, they feel that this is the realization of life value performance;Then there are those who seem to be smiling and happy all day long.To appear less interested in fame and wealth is to be cynical and complain about the injustice of fate.They will show a lively, cheerful and positive side in work, study and life, and also comfort others’ low mood.This last group, however, when the dark night falls, when no one else is around, reveals themselves as they really are, complaining, drinking, and drowning in self-doubt, self-speculation, and self-denial.Slowly, they will feel that a trip to earth is not worth it.They release their inner anxiety, panic and confusion in various ways, such as eating, drinking, singing and smoking with small groups of friends, or by indulging in video games, or by indulging in watching short videos, binge-watching TV series and so on.They are very confused and tired inside.Because, in their eyes, they feel that they have worked very hard and paid a lot, but why they have not been able to get the life they want.Look at other people, who get a raise and a promotion in the first few days of their career, and get the job they’ve always wanted.What you want, you work hard for a long time, you try hard, you spend time and energy, and you get nothing, while others get something with little or no effort, and it’s easy for others to get what they’ve been trying for a long time.They could not make sense of it, only that fate had wronged them.That’s why more and more people are choosing to end their precious lives in an extreme way, most of the time at night.They are hidden in the daytime, and at night, when they are alone, they are filled with self-pity and pain, unable to help themselves.When the emergence of such emotions how to resolve?First, we should dare to admit and accept the fact that some people are blessed with good fortune, good birth and good family background.Second, acknowledge and accept that the next step is going to be effort, and more effort.Moreover, believe in the motto: nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it.Keep your heart upbeat.As long as we put in enough effort and sweat, we can eventually achieve the success we want.If we haven’t achieved what we want, it’s because we haven’t put in enough effort, time or energy.Because, the world is competitive, we have to pay much more than others in order to stand out.02 How many people come home tired, sleepy, and confused;How many people, when alone, express their complaints, anger, etc.;How many people in their own world, take off the day wear a mask, restore the original.What is the original condition?The status quo is that they are not really happy.Just like there is a song: you are not really happy, your smile is just a protective color you wear;You are not truly happy, and your wounds never fully heal…..Because their wounds never heal completely, they often feel at night that the world is not worth it, that they have nothing to love.The gaiety of the day is but a forced mirth;The joy of the day is but a cloak.That kind of smile is a fake smile, a hidden smile, a joke smile, not from the heart;It is not a genuine joy, it is not a joyous joy, it is not a deep joy;However, the real truth is that they are suffering from not being able to find a satisfactory job, from not being able to find the other half they want, from not being able to afford expensive dowry;Being stuck with rent and utilities.Being unable to make a down payment on a house and a car.Is suffering from not being able to afford a pair of desired children;It’s not being able to afford their children’s tuition.Is suffering from not being able to realize the dreams in your heart;Suffering from the lack of a decent meal;Is unable to get rid of the poor moonlight family;Is suffering from not being able to go on a trip;It’s working hard for a long time but still not getting a promotion or a raise.It is suffering from not being able to deal with all kinds of interpersonal relationships with people;It’s the frustration of not being able to give your family a happy life without worrying about money.Indeed, the above of these afflictions, perhaps many people will have experienced.These troubles, buried forever and unresolved, can drag down the human spirit, affect the quality of life, and prevent people from making the right choices.In fact, they are part of the journey of life.Heard the saying: no one can casually succeed, do not experience wind and rain how to see the rainbow.You will never meet a successful person or wealthy entrepreneur who has not put in effort, time and sweat.They play it safe for their careers, are on the road all year round, and rarely see their families or eat.They only sleep a few hours a day and work the rest of the time.Imagine the joy they get from their efforts.So, maybe the fate is unfair, maybe we lost in the starting line, maybe we are not smart enough, but we can achieve the value of life they want through hard work and hard work.Try complaining less and being jealous, working more, and spending most of your time on your career.Reduce the dependence on mobile phones, reduce the dependence on tobacco and alcohol, reduce the temptation of various entertainment items, reduce the immersion in eating and drinking.Save that time and use it to study hard and work hard. Over time, you will find your progress and achievements.Success is one step at a time, not one bite at a time. Success is a gradual process.As long as you set want to achieve goals in the heart, make a small goal, such as 1 year earn, three years to buy a car, 5 years delivery house down payment, and so on quantifiable targets, and then towards that goal single-minded efforts and progress, no matter any thing, no matter how the lure of the world, in the face of all always adhere to the.Efforts to powerless, hard to move their own.Believe that you can, believe that the dream in your heart, like a moth to the fire, to the death of persistence, efforts, struggle, struggle, learning, you want to live will be within reach.The above is just some personal opinions and views, do not like spray, thank you for your patience to read and understand!Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the thorn word when you feel confused in life, only wish my words can bring you good luck!Original is not easy, plagiarism will be prosecuted!Other recommendations — Let a woman “addicted” to a lifetime of men are these three, have you met, you account for how many?She lost both her legs and her daughter in an accident. 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