Which of the eight popular variety shows will you be most looking forward to during Spring Festival 2022?

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As the Spring Festival of 2022 is coming, many variety shows will accompany people to spend the holiday. They will not only bring laughter and laughter to people, but also inspire people to think about different aspects of life.Here’s how to make sure your holiday isn’t too boring.On Saturday 1, “hello”, “happy camp” off the air, “how do you do on Saturday” file successfully at the same time, ajit same as the leading character in the host hold up the rhythm of the whole, and also added caishaofen sources such as happiness, it is said that there is a variety in AI, might as well feel the power of science and technology during the Spring Festival.2, “Youth Tour” “Spring outing family” may be the biggest aspect, this season not only have Jia Ling and Fan Chengcheng such a tacit understanding sister and brother partner, but also added Yang Yang this level of appearance, Yang Yang in the program is like getting through the ren Du two, the liberation of nature, to show their funny ability.If other variety shows bring laughter, then time concert brings us more visual and auditory enjoyment. These competent musicians cover a variety of classics and interpret different styles for each song, which is simply an auditory feast.Workplace programs have always been the favorite of young people, where there are not only fixed stars as guests, but also to see a variety of workplace rookies and veterans competing here to show the real workplace environment.5, the flash band here different musicians in the form of band to participate in the festival, a lot of singers presented the cracking stage, Zhang Bichen here is to let people see the charm of my career, a different style of collision singer to note here, during the Spring Festival can follow these dance band.6 “ha ha ha ha ha” this variety as his show a funny, is the biggest point is deng chao, Chen He and Lu Han partner, can’t help to recall the “running man” time, unlike previous pure funny, in the show they will face different challenges, show you how to face life with optimism to trouble,It shows the importance of a good attitude.7, “my little tail” this variety is different from previous parent-child class program is for parents and children to join, you chose the five host, they showed their different concepts of education, there are four groups of the age difference is very big brother and sister get along in the noisy, you can only appreciate the child’s naive nature, also can witness the growth of the brother and sister,Perfect for watching at home during Spring Festival.If you want to burn the brain during the Spring Festival, then you must not miss is “Win 21 days”, it sets all the popular factors for the audience to love, in order to compete for resources “intrigue”, this kind of puzzle program can not only see a variety of different human nature.