Detailed grading form attached!The gold medal slipped away!Shen Fangjian: Su Yiming is under pressure!Extranet unanimous praise

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Su Yi won snowboarding slope obstacle skills silver, this is the first Chinese player to get this game medal, is also the second medal of Beijing Olympics the Chinese team, it is worth for Su Yi wong and the Chinese team to celebrate, and shame even defiantly, Su Yi singing performance is worthy of gold, compared to the gold medal winner Canada player Max parrot,Su yiming made the only highest difficulty of the whole court, 1800, and the completion degree was also similar, but the final score was reflected in Su Yiming’s completely behind, which really makes people puzzled.Let’s take a look at the scoresheet. It’s worth noting that there were two Canadian judges in the final, which could be seen from the first round.In the first round, the Canadian judge gave 9 points to Max and only 5 points to Su. Although this round was not the highest score for Max and Su, the difference of 4 points was given by the same judge, and the total score was only 1.48 points difference for Su. Obviously, other judges preferred Su.The epicycle shows the heart of Sima Zhao.In the second round, Su yiming performed the highest difficulty 1800, which is also the first time in the Winter Olympics. The difficulty completely conquered the American judges gave full marks, but also conquered Shen Fangjian.Slopestyle slopestyle is divided into six sections (60%) and an overall score (40%), with 9 judges participating in the scoring.Six judges score sections. They are divided in pairs into three groups, and each group judges two sections.The other three judges are responsible for the overall score.According to the official report card, Su was behind Max Parrott of Canada in the 1st to 4th sections, and scored higher in the last two blocks than The Canadian, as well as the overall score.The Canadian judges, who were responsible for scoring the third and fourth sections, were 2.25 points behind su.The final score of Su yiming was 2.26 points less than her opponent. Could it be coincidence that the highest score given by a Canadian player to Su yiming was the lowest given by a Canadian player to su.After Su succeeded in the second round of 1620-1800, the Australian commentator shouted, “This is 94~95 points”, and the foreign netizens all praised it. Many people even thought that Su’s gold medal was “robbed” (as shown in the picture below). Although this is the case, it is probably inappropriate to use two judges of the same nationality in one competition.Next big platform hope Su yiming continue to surprise!