Fengning cave mountain village to build “three classrooms” to strengthen party member training

2022-06-30 0 By

Hebei News news (reporter Liu Haibo, Zhang Shuqi) in order to further enhance the overall quality of the township party members and the overall working ability of the party cadres, Fengning Manchu Autonomous county, Chengde City, the Village Party Committee actively set up “three classes”, strengthen the cadre training.Set up “daily classes”.Make full use of the distance education platform for party members, each village to develop a fine party class broadcast schedule, by the special person responsible for all day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., the circulation of excellent party members’ education and science, convenient in the village party members at any time to participate in learning.Set up “Fingertip classroom”.In view of the fact that it is difficult for the floating party members to join the organization, the party establishes a learning and exchange group for the floating party members in the whole township, and regularly pushes the advanced deeds of outstanding party members, major policies and policies, basic knowledge of party affairs, etc., and actively urges the feedback of the learning situation to ensure that they are “never leave home from the Party”.Set up “pioneer class”.Organize outstanding veteran party members, vanguard models and young party members who have received commendations, and advanced individuals to “show up” to teach their own experience and improve the quality of party members with the power of example.