In 2015, an old man who scavenged waste in Jiangsu died, and 210,000 yuan of savings were cremated with his burial clothes. What happened?

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As the saying goes, keep a child, but this sentence is vulnerable in reality.Filial piety is the first, which is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation, but there are many children in life, but when their parents need to look on coldly.In 2015, there was a shocking scene in Jiangsu province when an old man named Tao, who scavenged waste for a living, died and was sent to be cremated.Cremation staff actually saw pieces of 100 yuan yuan, flying in the cremation furnace.He hurriedly told the news to old Man Tao’s sons.After investigation is informed, the RMB that enters cremation furnace together with tao old man actually has 210,000!Why didn’t Old Tao leave his money to his son instead of burning it?Speaking of Old Man Tao, he had never been to school and was an honest man.Like other people, tao married at an old age and had two sons with his wife. Although his family was not rich, they lived a stable life.But the good times did not last long, his wife gave birth to the child not long before the disease died.When his wife died, the two sons were very small, and Tao had no choice but to act as both father and mother, pulling the two children up.Tao old man does not have what culture originally, rely on oneself to go out at ordinary times dozen odd work to do coolie to make money, will maintain the livelihood of this family.However, because everything is for the children, Tao felt that even if the hard work is also deserved, he has two sons, he can look forward to when he gets old.In order not to let his sons be wronged, Tao lived the life of a single man for many years, since the death of his wife has never been married again.When he grew old, his two sons grew up and married and had families of their own.In order not to disturb his sons, Tao moved to the county town and rented a house to live by himself.But he thought about his children all the time, and even then he never asked them to do anything.In the first few years after leaving his sons, Tao also worked hard to make money. During this period, he did not take the initiative to tell his sons about his life difficulties, and his sons were very cold to him.After a few more years, Tao became too old to do manual labor, and employers who wanted workers were afraid to hire older workers like Him, so tao lost his source of income.Seeing is about to lose economic source, understanding sons hard tao old man or did not open his mouth to find his son to help.After thinking, tao old man helpless under the start of scavengers, this work does not need what physical strength, every day is in the street garbage collector.This kind of work is not heavy, so tao old man rely on garbage collectors every day to maintain life.Someone saw old Man Tao collecting rubbish in the city and told his sons about it.Feeling that their father had dishonored them in the city, the sons wanted to visit Old Tao at his rented house in the county seat in order to persuade him to stop collecting garbage.Old Man Tao looked at his two sons but said nothing.The sons only thought of Old Man Tao as a garbage collector, but did not ask him why he was a garbage collector.In order not to cause trouble to the children, tao, a stubborn old man, ignored his sons’ advice and continued to collect garbage to make a living.His sons did not dissuade him repeatedly.Later once, tao old man finally could not help but put forward, want two sons to support his problem, but who knows the son are silent.The two sons both pushed and blocked each other, avoiding the question of giving Old Tao his retirement.Tao old man looked at his hard to raise two sons, only feel a chill.His son has already married, but even their own father are not willing to raise, this let tao old man cold heart.In a fit of anger, Tao cut off contact with his sons.He dragged his old body, riding a dilapidated human tricycle to scavenge around, barely feed himself.And the estrangement of sons also produced at this point, the two sons also gradually no longer contact their father, like the father of this person forget the same, on holidays don’t say to visit him, is not even a greeting.The old man’s two sons treated him so coldly, which made tao hurt his heart.Every time in the quiet of night, tao turned and turned in bed, thinking of leaving his wife early, and then think of so no conscience of the two sons, can not help but old tears.Even though his sons were so heartless, Tao missed his sons and grandchildren very much.As he was old, I was afraid he could no longer do such things as collecting rubbish. So tao bought fruit and decided to go to his eldest son’s home first.I thought I would be welcomed, but I didn’t expect to go to the elder son’s home tao old man, not even a guest.Not only does his grandson not call himself grandpa, but even his daughter-in-law slutters her face.Old Man Tao was very sad to see his daughter-in-law and grandson treating him like this, but when he looked at his eldest son, he did not show any sign of it. He could not bear such a cold face and had to leave his eldest son’s home.Later, his wife and wife refused to see him either, and turned him away.The homeless man had no choice but to find his second son, who knew that the second son and the first son were the same.The second son pretended to be attentive to his father, but did not mention the problem of pension, and directly sent his father back to the cottage he rented in the county seat, and asked his father not to run around when things were not right, so as not to find him.Tao old man’s heart was like being poured a basin of cold water, it was cold through.How could the son he had worked so hard to raise treat him like this?In fact, as early as 2014, Tao was found to be malnutrition, because of long-term work, coupled with their usual too frugal, so fell ill.At that time, Tao old man to two sons put forward their own pension problems.But two sons not only did not support tao old man, still always blame each other, blame each other every time, but do not say to raise his old father.After the tramp raised this question to his sons again and again and was rejected by his sons, Tao was really tearless and felt a burst of desolation in his heart.He could feel his body wasting away and dying. All he wanted before he died was to spend time with his family.He had lived a miserable life alone, and did not want to die in a tenement.But it seems that even this wish can not be satisfied.In fact, Tao gave his ancestors’ house and land to his sons, thinking that they would allow him to live out his old age in peace.But finally he did not expect is that the sons turned against the people, even tao old man out of the house, let him a person wandering outside to fend for himself.Tao old man thoroughly heart cool, face old unexpectedly let oneself lead so miserable.Homeless 2015 Spring Festival, Tao old man alone lying in the cold and desolate rental house, his heart has no waves, there is an old saying that good: filial piety first.But tao’s sons did not understand this truth.The tao old man, who was hurt by his son, also had a premonition that his time would come, so he bought his funeral clothes and coffin, ready for his future, and even did not inform the two sons.Soon after the Spring Festival, tao felt that his life will not be long, so he put on his funeral clothes and lay directly in the coffin.With the passage of time, Tao old man in solitude lying in the coffin left.Cremated Tao was finally found dead at home by neighbors, the sons received a notice from the neighbors, came to deal with tao’s death, they did not even cry, did not look at tao’s body, directly took the coffin to the crematorium for cremation.Crematorium worker Yang Lin to deal with the cremation of tao Old man, tao old man’s sons as long as the ashes outside good.At that moment, the fire chemical industry saw the money flying in the furnace with the flames, he hurriedly called to the sons of tao.When the old man’s sons stood outside the stove and saw the scene inside, they beat their chests and cried, crying and cursing. If the stove had not been behind them, they would have rushed into the fire to retrieve the money.These money with tao old man ashes, also can be regarded as a warning to the sons.As a matter of fact, tao had accumulated some savings during his hard working life, which he never mentioned to anyone, including his sons. His original plan was to distribute the fixed assets to his sons as a financial aid to the younger generation.If his sons were dutiful and he could enjoy his old age, he would share his life savings with them. When he was old, it would be useless to keep so much money, but to his surprise, his sons were breaking his heart. He decided to let the money die with him.Later, tao old man’s sons went to the bank to understand the situation, only to know that tao old man had a deposit of 210,000 yuan, not nothing homeless, this is more than their deposit.This let tao old man’s sons burst into tears on the spot, they cried not early filial piety father, but for his father’s deposit they did not get.Tao’s son is also a father, and there will be an old day, when they need their children to provide for the aged that day, I hope they can repent for what they have done.