It is the greatest evil of human nature not to be liked

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The biggest evil of human nature, is not good people around.Hate people have, laugh at people without, disrelish people poor, afraid of people rich, envy envy hate, this is naked ugly human nature.Comparisons and jealousy are natural, and the closer people are to each other, the more likely they are to become jealous.Because human nature is not only good, but also bad.The comparison between acquaintances is often very intense, and like to start from the “near”, if the “comparison” plus the “nearby principle”, then the jealousy between people is easy to appear.Don’t feel that you and who are relatives, and who are friends, only when you are down and out, you will know who is worried about you “idiot”, and who is a stranger to you “bastard”.As soon as you’re down and out or a matter of profit comes into play, your real relationship begins to show.In real life, in fact, can not see others good, others may not be bad, but you are not good, because you have no good heart;Wish others good, they may not be good, but you will be good, because you have a good heart.When things are going well with your family, he thinks I have such a bad life, why do you have such a good life?He was unhappy and jealous.And when your family and career are in shambles, he is secretly happy, even very happy.Such human psychology is very typical “hate people have, laugh at people without, disrelish people poor, afraid of people rich”.If you think this kind of distorted psychology of human nature is confined to outsiders, think again.In fact, there is no lack of relatives “shady” people exist.It is human nature to be jealous of others, and the phenomenon of not seeing others’ kindness and pulling people’s back legs is ancient and modern. Under the action of jealousy, people with different personalities will have different performances: some people are encouraged to try to catch up;Some people will sigh and their self-esteem will be suppressed;Some are petty, jealous and backstabbing.You know, it’s human nature to compare yourself to the nearest, and many people you know wish you bad luck. Some of the harm people suffer in the real world comes from strangers, and a large part comes from acquaintances.When an outsider hurts you, it is “easy to block”;But when someone you know hurts you, it’s harder to “stab someone in the back”.He thinks he’s better than you, better than you in every way, and he looks down on you.On the contrary, he thinks his life is worse than you, in every respect is shorter than you, you will both envy and envy hate.