King You of Chu was the son of Lord Chunshen, and Emperor Qin was the son of Lu Buwei, both of whom ended badly

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The First Emperor of Qin was Lu Buwei’s own son, which is clearly recorded in the Records of the Grand Historian: “Lu Buwei chose concubines in Handan who were good dancers and habiters, and knew he had a body.Zi Chu never drink wei, see and say, because of the longevity, please.Lu Buwei angry, read has broken home for the son of Chu, to catch strange, is then offered its concubine.Ji from the hidden body, to the great period, son of government.”Lu’s fate is well known: he was coerced into committing suicide by his adult son.Lord Chunshen of The state of Chu, one of the four princes of the state of Zhan, also did this. King You of Chu was his own son.Tongjian records the whole story.There was a man named Li Yuan. His sister was very beautiful. He presented her to Lord Chunshen.When Li Yuan heard about this, he said to Lord Chunshen, “The present king has no heir. When he dies, his brother will ascend to the throne, which will be very disadvantageous to you. It is better for you to present my sister to the king.Lord Chunshen thought of this and offered Li Yuan’s sister to King Kaolie of Chu.Sister became a princess, gave birth to a son, mother to son expensive, Li Yuan mei became the queen, Li Yuan naturally became the uncle.This matter is very strange, only know Li Yuan and Chun Shen Jun.To Li Yuan will tell, this is a heart, so there has been the heart of murder, he secretly at home to raise a few assassins, ready to start at any time to kill Chun Shen Jun.One of Lord Chunshen’s servants, Zhu Ying, saw the problem and warned Lord Chunshen that Li Yuan was a crafty sycophant. There were some dead men in his family and the target might be you. It would be better to kill him first.Lord Chunshen could not listen to him. He said, “Li Yuan is just a weak man. What harm will he do?”After King Kaole died, his son ascended the throne. Li Yuan assassinated Lord Chunshen as expected.It is a pity that Lord Chunshen, a brilliant man who was shrewd and skillful in both domestic and foreign affairs, died at the hands of a villain.Sima Qian made a general fair evaluation of Lord Chunshen: “Lord Chunshen said that the king of Qin and the prince of Chu were sent back, how wise and bright!After the system in Li Yuan, MAO!”MAO means “tail of a cow,” and it means “tiger head and snake tail.”When discontinuous, but by its chaos, Chun Shen Jun should be a most typical figure.